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Here's how to look after your skin during a heatwave

Another heatwave is set to hit our shores this month, but are you prepared for what that entails when it comes to the health of your skin?

Hopefully you’ve switched up your skincare and transitioned your arsenal into summer. But as temperatures are set to soar it’s likely that you’ll need to employ a few more new products and practices to look after your skin.

“Extremes of temperature can affect the skin’s physiology in a number of ways. Firstly, when your body temperature increases, the body releases sweat to maintain an ideal temperature. It also releases sebum, as this helps slow the rate at which sweat evaporates, thus extending its cool down effect,” shares Aesthetic Doctor, David Jack.

But that’s not all you’ll have to content with as according to Jack, “excess sebum can cause acne, while water loss leads to dehydration, that can trigger redness, dryness, fine lines and irritation. Secondly the skin’s blood vessels dilate, bringing the warm blood closer to the surface of the skin and in so doing further cool down the body. However, dilated blood vessels can lead to what is known as broken capillaries.”

And while the higher temperatures don’t increase UV rays, it’s more than likely that you’ll be making the most out of the sunshine, and spending more time outside, “which can lead to sunburn, and thinning and damage to the dermis layer of the skin ­– whose role it is to protect the deeper layers of the skin, assist in thermoregulation, and aid in sensation. Not to mention longer term DNA damage and risks of skin cancers,” explains Dr Jack.

So, to care of your skin in the heat we recommend the following…

Help keep skin cool

Broken capillaries present on the skin as tiny red lines and while genetics also plays a role in how susceptible you are to them, those with acne, rosacea and sensitive skin often find they develop them in greater numbers. Try to keep skin as cool as possible, so cleanse with cold water, and make sure you don’t take hot showers or baths. Cooling and hydrating sprays like the Avène Thermal Water, that can be spritzed on the face when you start to feel hot are bothered are a great option. If you do find you develop broken capillaries, laser treatment is really the only removal option. Lasers heat the blood inside the vessels, leading to inflammation and scarring within the blood vessel that eventually causes them to fade away over the course of four to six weeks. Pulsed dye laser is the gold standard, but for Black and brown skin Nd:YAG laser works best.

Nix bacteria

Thinks can get pretty hot under our masks at the best of times, factor in a heatwave and you’ve it’s sure to get very sweaty indeed. Sweaty masks can become a breeding ground for bacteria, and the more you sweat the more sebum you produce which can lad to maskne. So, be sure to carry a few extra masks in your bag so you can swap your sweaty one out when needed, and give skin a good cleanse and swipe of antibacterial Clinisept+ Aftercare as soon as you get back home.

Up your sun protection

While SPF is a must at all times, if you’re spending more time outside reapplication can be tough – especially when you’re wearing make-up. Brush on Block SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen, is the answer, as this powder sunscreen in translucent or tan can be applied over make-up every two yours as recommended – without clogging pores, or leaving your make-up looking cakey. It can also be applied when your not wearing make-up and makes a nice alternative if you find your SPF leaves your skin shiny.

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