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Etre Vous (EV) has been designed to provide direct access to leading experts across the health and beauty industry.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art online solutions, you can get to know, contact and book consultations with leading experts at the click of a button.

The EV ethos

Our aim is to make aesthetic treatments and products more accessible to everyone interested in health and beauty.

Our engaging editorial features will empower you to make informed decisions and choices, and we strive to cover a range of issues without bias.

We want everyone to feel happy and confident in their bodies and champion a body positive, ‘no filter’ approach that does not discriminate on age, size, culture or background.

Reputation and skills

Women aged 18-49 are nearly twice as likely to rely on review sites in order to gauge an aesthetic practitioners’ reputation and skills.

Obligation free consultations

Scheduling an initial consultation with a doctor or medical practitioner can be an expensive first step, with many people saying they feel committed to book a treatment before they have had time to consider other options or speak with other experts.

EV takes the stress out of shopping around and ultimately helps you to make informed decisions.

With EV, you can book virtual or in-clinic consultations with leading experts in their field—consultations are not only time-saving, cost-effective and simple to do, but also safeguard your freedom of choice.

With the help of our Expert Finder, you can search and filter by procedure, expert/practice or location, making sure you always find what you’re looking for—and fast.

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Thanks to our unrivalled reputation and experience in medical aesthetics, you can be assured that we have your best interests at heart: we thoroughly vet our partners so you only book with qualified, accredited experts.

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