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DIY lip filler and how to safely enhance your pout this winter

An expert weighs in on the alarming trend of DIY injectables and why you should never attempt the procedure at home

A plump pout continues to be on trend, with dermal filler for lips being one of the most common non-surgical procedures worldwide.
But shockingly, in order to save money, some people are choosing to bypass not only the cost of filler in clinic but all health and safety regulations put in place to protect them, and are opting to buy dermal filler online and inject it themselves or by enlisting a friend–some have even taken to TikTok to share their experience.

While many were shocked in the comments, some people were asking where the TikTokker acquired the products, implying they were hoping to try themselves!
Dr Asha Chhaya, Senior Medical Injector at sk:n Clinics, gives her expert opinion on this alarming trend…
"I have been performing aesthetic treatments for almost eight years, and I still find lips the trickiest area to treat, so to see that DIY lip filler is trending on social media platforms is highly concerning.
I could provide a whole list of reasons why this idea is highly problematic. To begin with, the lips are a highly vascular area, and individuals lacking experience or familiarity with anatomy run the risk of unintentionally injecting filler into a blood vessel. This could potentially result in skin necrosis or at its most severe, blindness. I cannot emphasise enough the significance of consulting with an experienced medical injector when contemplating filler treatment.
There's also the question of what exactly is being injected. It's not as straightforward as just a box saying 'lip filler.' I am very selective when it comes to choosing brands and products for lip fillers, taking into account safety data, the company's reputation, and the outcomes associated with their use. Non-medical injectors are also likely to obtain their lip fillers from unofficial sources, introducing uncertainty regarding the authenticity of the product.
These DIY lip filler procedures are also taking place outside clinical environments where infection control is non-existent, significantly increasing the risk of infection. In the event of complications, the question also arises: to whom can you turn for assistance?
I cannot emphasise enough the significance of consulting with an experienced medical injector when contemplating filler treatment. Lip filler procedures should only be performed by an experienced medical injector working in a clinical environment."

Three of the best subtle lip plumpers

If you’d like to book in for lip filler at a reputable clinic, take a look at the highly qualified practitioners on our site – you can even schedule a virtual consultation beforehand. Prefer to hydrate and subtly enhance your lips at home ? Below are three medical grade lip products worth talking about…

Revision Skincare YouthFull Lip Replenisher is a top-rated lip solution that claims to visibly volumise, hydrate, soothe and define your pout. The scientifically advanced formula targets the signs of lip ageing, while potent antioxidants such as green tea and vitamin E defend against environmental stressors, and hyaluronic acid boosts hydration to help lips look fuller and more youthful.

Award-winning Cellderma Perfect Lips is popular among patients who are unsuitable for lip filler due to its plumping and hydrating effects. It supports collagen and glycosaminoglycans within the lips, both vital in diminishing the appearance and formation of lines and wrinkles, while moisture-protecting ingredients help to reduce dryness while keeping lips looking soft, healthy and plump.

111 Skin Meso Infusion Lip Duo 
is a two-in-one contouring/conditioning treatment that plumps and deeply hydrates lips. Utilising a two-step formulation including peptides and bakuchiol, step 1 helps naturally encourage the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, boosting volume and improving definition through use of needle-free enhancers, while step 2 helps stimulate microcirculation and enriches lips with nourishing agents.

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