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Aesthetic experts share their holy grail treatments

From three in one devices to injectables, we reveal leading aesthetic practitioners' favoured treatments

It can get really confusing when it comes to what treatments truly suit your concerns, and which ones are actually worth investing in. Plus, with clinics offering an abundance of new tech, there are far more options than ever before to choose from. So, we asked the experts about their all-time favourites—read on to discover the treatments they rate.

Intimate skin tag removal

“Patients are generally a tad embarrassed about requesting this treatment, but nonetheless it’s incredibly popular. Despite this it’s rarely covered in the media or specifically featured in practitioners’ treatment lists, which increases the secrecy and embarrassment, meaning people live with these skin tags for far longer than necessary.  

"We have developed a niche service for anal skin tags that patients often report to be unsightly and so embarrassing that they impact their confidence. Typically occurring as a result of haemorrhoids or due to irregular bowel habits, skin tags are soft, skin-coloured growths on the skin, are more common than people think and are harmless.

"The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic and is a very simple and straightforward procedure that usually only takes five to 10 minutes. We use dedicated laser surgery techniques to ensure that the healing is quicker than conventional techniques and that there is minimal, if any scarring. Essentially, removal can improve hygiene levels and restore patients’ confidence. With no downtime and the ability to walk in and out on the same day, patients often say they wish they had done it sooner.”
Dr Ross Perry, Etre Vous Expert, Aesthetic Doctor and Medical Director, Cosmedics Skin Clinic

Secret Pro by Cutera

“Suitable for fair to medium skin tones, this radio frequency (RF) based treatment tightens and remodels the skin by stimulating collagen production, thanks to both targeted radio frequency and microneedling which is used to transport said RF energy through the skin.

"If that wasn’t enough gadgetry, the treatment also incorporates advanced CO2 laser to further tighten and resurface the skin for a 360 approach to rejuvenation. With three to four treatments spaced four to six weeks apart, you can expect to even out skin tone, tighten pores, lessen acne scarring and uneven texture, smooth lines and wrinkles and reduce laxity too—all with minimal discomfort.

"To ensure minimal downtime, we prep patients’ skin to strengthen the barrier using medical grade ZO Skin Health skincare. I absolutely love this treatment as it's customisable to each patient, simple to perform, is safe, cost effective and offers outstanding results.”
Sara Cheeney, Etre Vous Expert and Aesthetic Nurse, Pure Perfection Clinic

The Brazilian Facial

“Exclusively available at my clinic, the Brazilian Facial is inspired by the tried-and-true beauty benefits of Brazil nuts. This treatment resurfaces and rehydrates skin harnessing the power of selenium, a natural antioxidant found in Brazil nuts.

"The process involves removing dead skin cells, applying a high concentration of antioxidants, and infusing selenium into the skin to stimulate circulation and add back moisture, resulting in hydrated and dewy skin.

"Post-treatment effects include increased glow, evening out of the complexion, reduced hyperpigmentation, and improved skin tone. Suitable for all skin tones and types, the facial leaves the complexion refreshed and rejuvenated.”
Dr Joney de Souza, Aesthetic Doctor and Founder, Dr Joney De Souza Skin & Laser Clinic

Botulinum toxin

“Botulinum toxin, the muscle relaxing injectable, is my ultimate choice for preserving the skin canvas—be it through soothing the discomfort of migraines, controlling excess sweating of hyperhidrosis, or smoothing out the dynamic lines that trace our expressions. This treatment is an essential tool for pre-empting the deep-set signs of ageing, and preserving the skin's youthfulness.
"When applied with a skilful touch, it can create a refreshed complexion, making the skin noticeably smoother. However, it's not just about softening existing lines; it’s about relaxing certain muscles to achieve a natural lift and enhancing facial symmetry.
"My practice is characterised by a tailored approach, treating each face individually and seeing beyond the surface, to the muscle movements and structures that define each face. By tailoring each treatment to these individual patterns, I ensure that the results are not just effective but aligned with each person’s unique aesthetic.”
Julie Scott, Etre Vous Expert, Nurse Prescriber, Owner and Clinical Director, Facial Aesthetics


“EMface offers a ground-breaking advancement in facial treatments that is revolutionising how we treat the skin. A sister machine to EMsculpt Neo, it works by emitting synchronised radio frequency (RF) and high-intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) energies.

"What makes it unique is that it targets both facial skin and muscles simultaneously, resulting in a natural reduction of wrinkles and enhanced lift—all achieved without the need for needles. EMface can treat the entire face in just 20 minutes, and with no pain or downtime. It's a quick and easy solution for patients with busy lifestyles who want rejuvenated, lifted and revitalised skin.

"Clinical studies underscore the remarkable efficacy of EMface, revealing a 37 per cent reduction in wrinkles, a 23 per cent lifting effect, and a 30 per cent increase in facial muscle tone. It is this muscle toning element that makes the treatment really special, helping to give more structure and lift as well as volume to the face, and a rejuvenated appearance overall for my patients.”
Dr Rita Rakus, aesthetic doctor and founder of the Rita Rakus Clinic

Dermal fillers 

“As we age our bone and deep fat reduces, causing overlaying soft tissues—cue sagging skin, jowls, temple hollows, lower cheek lines, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and a wavy jawline. By carefully restoring the deep fat pads we can lift the overlying soft tissue up, restoring lost volume and turning back a little bit of time. This treatment is suitable for all patients showing signs of volume loss.

"I’ve been offering uplift treatments with dermal filler for the last 15 years and have created my own unique ‘Thames uplift’ designed to youth-boost gently with minimal side effects. The uplift treatment is a real art, where the science of rheology plays an important role.

"Understanding how dermal filler responds after administration and how to deliver a natural-looking result is the key to ensuring your patients are happy.”
Dr Anna Hemming, Etre Vous Expert, Aesthetic Doctor and Founder, Thames Skin Clinic


“The SmartPico treatment is an advanced skincare procedure designed to address various skin concerns using Pico laser technology. Suitable for individuals with a range of skin concerns, tones and types, its highly versatile and can be employed to target concerns such as pigmentation issues, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and overall skin rejuvenation.

"It can be applied to different areas of the face, neck, décolletage, and hands. Pico lasers operate at extremely short pulse durations, measured in picoseconds (trillionths of a second). This rapid pulsing allows for more efficient and precise targeting of pigmented cells or damaged skin tissues.

"The laser energy breaks down pigmentation and stimulates collagen production, promoting skin renewal and a more even complexion, while the technology minimises heat damage to surrounding tissues, making it a safer, more effective option.”
Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, Etre Vous Expert, Aesthetic Doctor and Founder, Adonia Medical Clinic

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