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2023’s most searched for skin concerns, according to experts

Have you searched for any of these popular skin conditions? The findings, conducted in the UK, may surprise you

Whether you suffer from acne, redness or age spots, it's common to sometimes feel isolated and self conscious when it comes to personal skin and skincare worries, as we know that beauty woes can have an impact on our wellbeing and self esteem.

But which concerns are clocking up the most hits online? The Foundation Agency has looked at a year in search around beauty topics, taking a deep dive into the most common googled questions around skincare, and the most common skin concerns.

The report revealed that 90,500 people a month are looking for help, advice and treatment for their rosacea, with this being by far the most-searched skin concern of the year. 

Rosacea is said to affect up to a fifth of the population, so if you're a sufferer you're certainly not alone. The skin disease usually begins between 30 and 50 years of age and tends to affect women more than men. There is a genetic tendency, but lifestyle can also be a factor.

As well as redness, burning and stinging, rosacea sufferers may also have spots and acne. Flare ups can be caused by a number of factors including the environment, changes in temperature, certain food and drink and stress; the other theory is that it's caused by an abundance of tiny Dermodex mites living on the skin. The condition can be controlled but not cured. 

The other top skin conditions that the British public are searching for and wanting to treat are:

Acne - 40,500

Blackheads - 27,100

Hyperpigmentation - 27,100

Age spots - 22,200

Whiteheads - 12,100

Dry skin - 8,100

Pigmentation - 6,600

Wrinkles - 5,400

Oily skin - 4,900

As for skincare ingredients, salicylic acid tops the most searched for of 2023, with vitamin C following closely behind.

This year’s top searched skincare ingredients are:

Salicylic acid - 60,500

Vitamin C - 49,500

Niacinamide - 40,500

Benzoyl peroxide - 40,500 

Glycolic acid - 33,100

Vitamin A - 22,100

Lactic acid - 2,200

Glycerin - 18,100

Mandelic acid - 5,400

Dimethicone - 3,600

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