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These are the vitamins you need to get through the holidays

Strengthen your immune system and boost your energy levels this festive season with these all important vitamins

Christmas is seen as the most wonderful time of the year, however it’s not unusual to dread the stress and health challenges that can sometimes come with it.
For most, it’s an endless round of social activities, but burning the candle at both ends can eventually take its toll on your health. You may find your energy levels hit rock bottom, and the party lifestyle will have an effect on your immune system.

So what can you do to ensure you breeze through the hectic festive season and emerge in the new year healthy and happy?

Why is Vitamin C needed for the immune system to function well? 

Several cells of the immune system accumulate vitamin C and need it to perform their tasks. Vitamin C enhances the production and function of specific white blood cells that devour pathogens, and its powerful antioxidant activities protect cells from free radical damage generated during inflammatory conditions such as colds and flu.

Why are Vitamin B supplements especially needed during party season? 

B Vitamins are a group of nutrients that play many important roles in the body. Vitamin B1 is crucial for the basic function of our cells and the metabolism of nutrients for energy, while Vitamin B3 is an antioxidant so helps to reduce inflammation.

Vitamin B6 supports many chemical reactions in the body that support immune function and brain health, while vitamin B12 plays a vital role in heart health and supports the development of the nervous system.

Alcohol and its effect on the body 

Alcohol consumption is an established risk factor in vitamin B12 deficiency. The most common deficiency symptoms are; fatigue, weakness, depression, confusion and poor short-term memory.

Alcohol consumption can drain the body’s stores of vitamin B12, leading to the unwanted hangover experienced the morning after drinking.

Taking vitamin B12 supplements before and after drinking alcohol may help to replenish the amount of the nutrients in your body and allow you to recover faster – perfect for the party season!

Supplementation recommendations 

Aesthetic Doctor Dr Bibi Ghalaie recommends Altrient Vitamin C and Altrient Vitamin B and Mineral Complex, which use cutting-edge lipsomal technology – this means it is able to pass through the digestive system intact and into our cells where it’s needed most.

“The body can only store a certain amount of vitamin B because it’s water soluble, so after a certain amount of time, a lot of the vitamin gets extracted in the urine, making it really hard to keep the levels in the body high,” she says. “This highlights the importance of taking Altrient liposomal supplements.”

Alternatively, try Better You Boost B12 Daily Oral Spray, which contains the most bio-available form of B12 and absorbs quickly, providing fast nutrient uptake.

We also love the celeb favourite 8Greens, the world’s first real (as opposed to powdered) greens effervescent tablets, dehydrated without any heat in order to preserve the phytonutrients. They combine eight health and immunity-boosting vitamin packed greens - including spinach, kale, aloe vera, wheatgrass, blue green algae, barley grass, chlorella and spirulina.

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