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The essential men's tweakment guide: what experts recommend

Whether you want to smooth, define, volumise or glow, meet the fine-tune techniques that masculinise your face

Fillers, botulinum toxin, lasers and lipo; if these procedures aren’t part of your usual vernacular as a man, then chances are you’ve either missed the last season of Love Island or you belong to the declining number of males that haven’t opted for – or at least considered – a tweakment.

Having grown to become 9 out of the 10 aesthetic procedures performed in the UK (the 10th being plastic surgery of some kind), tweakments no longer dominate the market – they are the market.

Essentially everything that doesn’t put you under a knife, tweakments is an umbrella term that refers to the many treatments that can alter, adjust or tweak your face through non-invasive and invasive methods.

Hugely appealing to men due to their lunchtime nature (i.e. in and out with no downtime in 30 minutes) and natural results, finding a man ‘with a few things done’ has become almost shockingly common amongst all walks of life. The one thing that unites them? “They all want to appear more masculine,” says Aesthetic Doctor Wassim Taktouk.

Masculinity, much like femininity, has suffered the same precepts and paradigms – one way of looking, one way of behaving and one way of being. While gender norms are being kicked down (and rightly so), there is still a scientifically-proven predisposition we are all inherently considered attractive.

“It is symmetry, and by extension, the structure of that symmetry,” explains Dr Wassim. “Men with wider jawlines, heavier brows and sharper cheekbones are associated with an almost neolithic idea of the hunter-protector male. It is the basis of aesthetic masculinity, one that is – for better or worse – permeated into society.”

It is those signature definers that represent the surge in men’s tweakments, with Dr David Jack reporting that 40 per cent of his patients are now male – something echoed throughout many practices.

Chins and jaws are being strengthened, tear troughs and temples filled, pores purged with acids and lasers; the modern man cares how he looks and would rather opt for the ease, efficacy and immediate nature of specialised treatments over skincare.

“I’d rather spend £500 on something I know will work at Harley Street,” declares 32 year-old Alex Smith, “than £500 on serums at Selfridges.” Succinct and straightforward – the very nature of tweakments.

Interested but not sure where to start? Whether you want to define, volumise, smooth or glow, have a read of our best tweakments for men.


Chin & Jaw Filler 
“You always start with the scaffolding first,” explains Dr Wassim, “working from the bone upwards. In this case, it is filler, building what I like to refer to as the power profile.”

Not sure what that means? Think about every superhero you know, all of whom posses a face that could cut glass: masculinity is being maximised to instil a sense of strength.

A square chin and (even squarer) jaw plays into the male ‘Golden Ratio’, an ancient equation that measures the symmetry and proportion of the face: to be deemed 'beautiful' according to the Golden Ratio, the length of the ear must be equal to the length of the nose, and the width of an eye should be equal to the distance between the eyes.

The chin and jaw are almost always done in sync, ensuring the projection and balance of your profile remains symmetrical and structured. Using a more resilient, long-chain hyaluronic acid filler, the general rule of thumb is to have the edges of the chin by the corners of the mouth, while the jaw should be longer than the width of the zygoma (cheekbone).


Tear Trough Filler & Profhilo 
“Deep structural support with dermal filler will lift the under eye area,” explains EV Editorial Panel member Dr Anna Hemming. “Special care and attention needs to be given to the actual tear trough. It is always best to return after initial lifting filler has settled to ensure the tear trough is not over treated.”

Essentially able to alleviate the appearance of dark, hollow eyes but flattening the surface which allows light to bounce back and reduce the appearance of shadowed, sullen skin, tear trough filler is one of the most popular tweakments for men. If fatigue and fine lines (lovingly known as ‘Zoom Face’ these days) plague you, this is the answer.  

Profhilo is a relatively recent procedure (in terms of mass popularity), essentially acting as ‘injectable moisturiser’. Made up of hyaluronic acid, a bioavailable compound that naturally occurs in the skin, it is to the face what a steroid injection might be to the muscle – except instead of the growth spurt and strained appearance you have softer, smoother skin saturated in hydration.

It is eight hours sleep, for eight weeks straight, in a syringe. Dr Hemming can’t recommend it enough for men.


Botulinum Toxin & Morpheus8 
“Over time with gravity and volume loss, the downward pulling muscles i.e. the ‘depressors’ (such as the muscles causing the frown lines and at the sides of the eyes) will become stronger than the elevator muscles (i.e. the upward pulling muscles such as the forehead muscles),” says Dr Jack, “so there will be a tendency for everything to drop downwards, creating frown lines and hooded eyes.”

The quick fix? Botulinum toxin (also known as Botox). Essentially able to ‘freeze’ the muscles and in many cases create a ‘lifting’ effect, botulinum toxin is famous for its youth-inducing results and downtime-free nature.

If you would prefer to leave injectables as a last resort, Dr Jack has a solution – one that addresses your skin and structure. “Great for skin tightening, resurfacing and also lifting, Morpheus8 (a radio freqency microneedling device) addresses many of the major issues men have.”

The treatment has consistently yielded extraordinary results and the depths can be adjusted for a more tailored treatment. Top tip? Have Dr Jack go under your chin – it makes you flinch but also can get rid of the stubborn fat that often accumulates in that area.


Facials & Chemical Peels 
“Skin is a significant area of concern for many men – especially enlarged pores, dryness and sensitivity,” explains EV Editorial Panel member Dr Uliana Gout.

“I am an advocate for medical facials and medical grade skincare to target these concerns. The difference we often find is that men don’t like to have too many protocols and products – simple and less is often the right approach.”

A quick chemical peel can rid you of unwanted pigmentation, overzealous sebum production, acne scarring and visible pores (just be mindful of the downtime).

Men have skin that is up to 30 per cent thicker than women’s, which means it is a little more resilient and less sensitive to the exfoliating nature of clinical-grade peels.

Anna Hemming, Aesthetic Doctor

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