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Everything you need to know about Ozempic face

We asked Etre Vous expert Dr Ahmed El Muntasar to explain all things Ozempic face and what implications weight loss can have on how you look

The celebrity weight loss secret is out and 'Ozempic face' is on the rise. Ozempic, a diabetes medication that has been shown to help users shed pounds is so in demand that it’s now so incredibly difficult to get that those who really need it are having to go without.

Hopefully, with the recent launch of Wegovy - made by the same manufacturer and available in higher weight loss focused doses than Ozempic – those with type 2 diabetes will soon be able to benefit from the drug once again. But what is Ozempic exactly and what is Ozempic face? We asked Etre Vous expert and aesthetic doctor Ahmed El Muntasar, to explain all.

What is Ozempic and how does it work?

Ozempic is a medication called semaglutide. It mimics the GLP-1 hormone that prompts the body to produce more insulin which lowers and controls blood sugar – hence why it’s prescribed to diabetics. Newly launched Wegovy is exactly the same as Ozempic, but it’s been FDA approved for weight loss and can be prescribed for those who have a BMI of 27 and over. Studies have shown that weekly 2.4 mg semaglutide injections can lead a loss of 35-pounds after 68 weeks. It works so well as a weight loss tool because alongside blood sugar control, semaglutide also slows down the emptying of the stomach which makes people feel fuller for longer which ultimately reduces appetite.

People have coined the term Ozempic face – what does that mean exactly? 

Ozempic face is when people lose so much weight that they end up with a hollower, gaunt looking face, as well as more wrinkling and sagging, especially if they are of a more mature age. However, this doesn’t just occur when using Ozempic or Wigovy, this can happen to anyone who loses a very noticeable amount of weight.

What happens to the face when a person loses weight?

When you lose weight, you lose it from everywhere, including the fat pads, most notably in the mid to lower face – think the chin and cheeks. This slims the face, but can be ageing.

Does age make a difference?

Absolutely, as you get older and as time goes on your face pads naturally shift due to bone degradation and fat loss. If you lose a lot of weight, it will really impact the way that your face looks, things might not look very proportionate, and people can often end up looking a little bit unwell.

Is there a way to avoid the ageing effect of weight loss on the face? 

When losing weight, it’s inevitable that you will ultimately lose weight from the face. However, one of my biggest tips that I always share with my patients is maintaining good skin quality. Using prescription skin care like the tretinoin packed Skin + Me Daily Doser, and investing in facial treatments to help boost collagen, or add volume back to the face to give a youth-boost can make a big difference to facial proportions.

What are the best treatments to counteract Ozempic face?

I’m a fan of injectables when it comes to rebalancing the face post weight loss. Non-filling hyaluronic acid injections for example, they restore volume naturally by increasing hydration and collagen, which helps with skin quality and skin tightness resulting in a natural lift and the restoration of a decent amount of volume. For more of a volumising, filling effect, dermal fillers work wonders at smoothing and plumping the skin and they also naturally increase collagen production too.

What are the best actives to use at-home to improve Ozempic face?

Skin quality is important when it comes to counteracting the hollowing ‘zombie’ effects of weight loss. Actives that are going to boost collagen, protect the skin barrier, keep sebum balanced, refine the texture and even out the tone for healthy glowing skin are a must. Think, exfoliating acids, hyaluronic acid, retinols, vitamin C, niacinamide, ceramides, and plenty of all peptides, all of which help to nourish, hydrate and improve skin quality.

Ahmed El Muntasar, Aesthetics Expert

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