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6 tried and tested treatments your back will love

Looking to reshape, retexturise or tone in order to rock that on trend backless or cut out number? We’ve got your back - literally

It’s not something you see everyday, but do you ever think about how your back is shaping up? Whether your beauty blight is bacne, love handles, stubborn pockets of fat, lack of tone or uneven texture, there’s a treatment to suit.  

There are three areas where back fat may settle – the lower back, in which areas of fat may spill over your trouser line, commonly known as love handles; the mid back, resulting in back fat rolls at the back of the waist; and the upper back, with pockets of fat distending around the bra line and towards the armpits.

While it is sometimes down to genetics, medication or hormones, most of the time fat storage is the result of carrying too much weight.

Take a look at our list of back fat busters for inspiration and if you need professional advice, some of the country’s most respected aesthetic practitioners are available to speak to directly via our bespoke consultation platform.

HydraFacial Back

Do you suffer with breakouts or bacne? With its gratifying, pore purging effects and express glow-up results with no downtime, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a HydraFacial? But did you know that this popular treatment can also transform your back, and believe us it’s equally as good, especially before a holiday or special event. Treating the entire back, the process uses tailored ingredients combined with lymphatic drainage, plus vitamins, peptides and extraction to heal and hydrate this often neglected area. The treatment concludes with a blast of LED light which is used in two modes: one to target congestion; the other to relieve tension, aches and pains. Your skin will be left looking radiant and rejuvenated. 

Book it: The Cavendish Clinic at John Lewis branches; Sean White Aesthetics, London


If you want to address stubborn pockets of fat or love handles that won’t shift through exercise, why not consider cryolipolysis or fat freezing? The popular non surgical fat reduction treatment, Coolsculpting, targets, freezes and destroys fat cells under the skin which the body naturally processes and eliminates, never to return to that area. While the treatment has been proven to work, there is a caveat – you must follow a healthy lifestyle, as if you gain weight, the fat may be distributed elsewhere. You can expect to lose around 20-25 per cent of fat after one treatment; you may need a second treatment depending on the results you are looking for. 

Book it: Davinia Halliday at The Cranley Clinic, London; Meyer Clinic, Chichester


Another alternative to addressing stubborn areas of fat is fat dissolving injections. ‘The flab jab’ contains a natural substance called deoxycholic acid which causes the treated cells to liquefy, and are then broken down and naturally and permanently cleared by the body via the lymphatic system. The injections can treat small, localised pockets of fat that won’t respond to exercise or diet. However, it is not a weight loss treatment and should only be considered by those who are already close to their ideal weight. The most popular treatments are Aqualyx and the much newer Belkyra. 

Book it: Dr Bhavjit Kaur, London 


While it’s not a weight loss treatment, BodyTite body contouring is very effective for toning areas that are prone to storing fat, including the back. Helping remove stubborn fat and tightening skin without surgery, the procedure uses radio frequency energy (RF) to melt away targeted fat while smoothing and tightening skin. Results are permanent and there’s minimal downtime and no scarring – think of it as a minimally invasive alternative to traditional surgical liposuction, especially as it also addresses the issue of skin laxity that other body contouring procedures do not.

Book it: Vie Aesthetics, London and Essex 


TeslaFormer uses FMS (Functional Magnetic Stimulation) technology to tighten and firm areas of the body. To achieve this, the machine emits very high intensity magnetic pulses – about 50,000 contractions in 30 minutes – to strengthen the muscle fibres. The treatment is able to achieve muscle contraction at 100 per cent (as opposed to maximum 40 per cent in voluntary contractions); it’s the perfect option if you’re looking for body sculpting, as well as back strengthening and definition.

Book it: Dr Vincent Wong, London

Emerald Laser

Like the idea of a treatment that is entirely painless and takes around 30 minutes? Emerald Laser is a new fat reduction treatment that delivers quick and convenient results in your lunch hour; however, you will need to have at least six-to-eight sessions for maximum results. It works using low-level laser technology which emulsifies the fat within the fat cells. There is no downtime or recovery time, simply lie down and relax while the green laser beam works to blitz your back fat.

Book it: Light Touch Clinic, Surrey

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