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6 of the best lymphatic drainage treatments

Feeling a little swell? Some de-puffing face and body lymphatic drainage will have you looking leaner in no time at all

Whether your body is suffering the after effects and 'jet bloat' of a long haul flight or your skin is feeling a little puffy after a booze-fuelled night out, lymphatic drainage could be your best friend.

“The lymphatic system removes waste via our lymph nodes to maintain a healthy immune and digestive system – 70 per cent of our immune system is in the gut – and give skin a youthful glow as fresh oxygen and nutrients nourish from inside out, stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture,” says Holistic, Skin and Wellbeing Practitioner and EV Expert Gemma Clare.

“If your lymphatic system gets overloaded by environmental or lifestyle toxins it causes inflammation and increased toxic load, which weakens the immune system and causes an array of health problems.”

While there are many ways to rev up your lymphatic system, including dancing, trampolining, dry skin brushing and even deep breathing, sometimes you just want to put yourself in the hands of an expert for maximum results.  

So what’s available treatment-wise? From a traditional light and flowing lymphatic drainage massage – which, by the way, is one of the best sleep aids we’ve ever come across – to high tech machines, there’s something to suit all requirements and budgets.

We take a look at what’s on offer and the benefits of each…

Lipo-Oval Treatment Facial

This 60-minute Meder Beauty medi-facial is dubbed ‘the post-party facial’ as it provides intense slimming therapy for blitzing puffiness and water retention. Also ideal following illness or a long-haul flight, powerful lipolytic ingredients reduce the fatty tissue and improve microcirculation, providing draining and lifting effects. Performed by Owner and EV Expert Alexandra Bebb, the facial also includes the use of ice globes to further encourage lymphatic drainage.
Where to get it: The Cotswold Skin Clinic, with mobile visits in North Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, and Gloucestershire. 

Facial Lymphatic Drainage 

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a very gentle, light touch massage using pumping and circular movments which encourages the lymph fluid to flow more freely. This technique is said to work with and not on the skin; the direction of the increase in pressure lies in the direction of the lymph flow. Along with having a sculpted complexion with no puffiness in sight, we guarantee that you will also be super chilled afterwards.
Where to get it: Flavio Vilhais, London 

Cosmecutis Body Sculpt

This high tech holistic treatment is area focussed and uses vacuum lymphatic massage. Targeting areas affected by cellulite and fluid retention such as the thighs, buttocks and stomach, it combines stimulating body brushing and mechanical lymphatic drainage, an application of The Organic Pharmacy potent Detox Body Oil, and LED therapy to finish. You’ll be left with a leaner appearance and firm, sculpted and smooth skin.
Where to get it: Gemma Clare, London

CACI Non-Surgical Lifting Facial

Skincare experts rave about iontophoresis machines such as CACI which are highly effective for performing lymphatic drainage on the face. Known as the non-surgical face lift for its toning and firming effects, a CACI lifting facial at Flavio Vilhais works to de puff and drain any excess fluid from the skin, while toning and reducing fine lines as an added benefit.
Where to get it: Flavio Vilhais, London


This targeted method of body shaping helps to systematically reduce unwanted fat deposits, while revving up the lymphatic system and circulation. The treatment has two parts – vacuum and compression which is based on the principle of cupping, followed by moderate fat burning exercise. The first part involves wearing an inflatable suit from neck to toe for 20 minutes; you are then put on an exercise bike for 30 minutes where you pedal at a consistent level. Studies have shown it really does seem to work; we tried it out and were also impressed.
Where to get it: Dorota’s Lifestyle Studio, London 

Body Ballancer

We have written about pressotherapy before, and one of the most popular methods is Body Ballancer, which involves you wearing a suit with 24 air chambers. Just lie down, relax and let the tech do the work; the chambers will inflate and deflate, working to push your lymph fluid where its meant to go – towards the drainage nodes. And the good news is, if you have some (well, quite a lot actually) spare cash, you can now buy a soporific and very effective suit for yourself to use at home.  
Body Ballancer is available nationwide 

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