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Six of the best sheet masks

If you're in the mood for some pampering, our favourite sheet masks are ideal for head to toe and in-between

Sheet masks are one of the newest and arguably most fun, beauty trends to rise in popularity of late.

Unlike some of the more invasive treatments to gain a beauty following, one of the advantages of the sheet mask is that it's quick, convenient and fuss-free—simply pop it on at home and leave it to work its magic while you catch up on Netflix.

And why just stop at your face? Nowadays there’s a sheet mask to spot-treat and nourish your skin from head to toe and in-between.

Like all good ideas, the sheet mask, which began as a Korean trend, has gone mainstream in the West with premium brands such as Lancome and Estee Lauder getting in on the act with their own luxurious versions.

Sheet masks are fibre masks in the shape of your face, which are saturated in moisturising serum to help the skin to absorb a high concentration of hydrating and nourishing ingredients. Typical ingredients most commonly include hyaluronic acid, often combined with salicylic acid, essential oils and brighteners like citrus extracts and Vitamin C.

Before using a facial sheet mask, cleanse to remove  surface impurities. Fit the eye and mouth cut-outs to your face and smooth the mask onto your skin and wait—or watch TV. After the directed time, remove the mask and dab off or massage in any excess serum, there's no need to rinse it off.  

Our round up of the best sheet masks will pamper your face, feet, hands and even your intimate bits.

AQ Skin Solutions Intensive Moisturising Repair Mask

The first face mask of its kind, the  Intensive Moisturising Repair Mask from AQ Skin Solutions is formulated with skin-enhancing growth factors and hyaluronic acid. This mask floods the skin with hydration and plumping actives to soften the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and large pores. Added collagen acts to smooth and strengthen the skin to give a refreshed, more even texture after just one treatment. The mask comes in two pieces – one for the upper half of the face and one for the lower half, to ensure the perfect fit for all face sizes and shapes.

Youth Island Sheet Mask

With a name like Youth Island, it’s clear what the brand is trying to communicate. Each pack provides you with five anti-ageing masks infused with hydrolysed collagen and amino acids to firm, repair and lift the skin. The sheets are made with bamboo yarn and also include liquorice root to help reduce dark circles and an uneven skin tone.

Elixir Golden Face Mask

This Korean luxury is packed with active ingredients including gold, hydrolysed collagen, coenzyme Q-10, adenosine and soybean extracts to exfoliate, hydrate, even out the skin and smooth fine lines. It's a great all-rounder for all skin types, including dry, oily and acne prone skin. The gold of its namesake combines with coenzyme Q10 to improve circulation and boost restorative collagen production, so you can say goodbye to undereye circles and uneven pigmentation.

Baby Silky Foot Mask Sheet

Pamper tired tootsies with this sheet mask from Korean label Holika Holika.  The mask is formulated using a range of exfoliating fruit extracts to gently buff away dead skin and includes avocado oil and shea butter to moisturise, leaving you with silky soft, nourished feet.

Baby Silky Hand Mask Sheet

Perhaps unsurprisingly, you can also moisturise your mitts with Holika Holika’s hand mask from the same Baby Silky sheet mask range.  Slip on the ready-prepared gloves and immerse your hands in a potent blend of shea butter, avocado oil and honey to replenish hydration and soften rough skin – ideal for treating over-washed and over-sanitised hands.

TWO L(I)PS Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask

This sheet mask is the world's first infrared-activated charcoal mask designed specifically for your vulva. Your vulva weathers a lot, whether its hair removal or hormonal fluctuations, so why not give it a bit of extra TLC? The mask is made with Japanese binchotan charcoal to detoxify the skin and is drenched in serum to soothe and hydrate. Organic white liquorice and centella asiatica brightens and evens out skin tone, while elderberry, Indian cress, ylang ylang and chamomile calm and soothe, and cornflower and aloe vera moisturise.

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