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Everything you should know about EmFace, the needle free facelift

The first non-invasive facelift treatment of its kind launches this month. Here's everything we know about this high-tech youth-booster

The first of its kind, the new non-invasive, needle-free, no-downtime Emface is set to be a game changer when it comes to youth-boosting the face. From the creators of the famed muscle stimulating Emsculpt, and the fat melting, muscle stimulating Emsculp Neo, BTL Aesthetics have created new tech that lifts and tightens without the need for scalpels.

High intensity facial electromagnetic stimulation (HIFES) and radio frequency (RF) energies are delivered at the same time via facial applicators that are placed on three areas of the face – the forehead and underneath both cheekbones. The RF heats up the collagen and elastin fibres within the dermal tissues, whilst the HIFES stimulation emits thousands of pulses per session to help contract the delicate facial muscles to lift, strengthen and tone. Each treatment session lasts only 20 minutes, and a course of 4 treatments, one week apart, is recommended.

On average 6-12 weeks post treatment patients can expect a 30 per cent increase in muscle tone. The better tone, the more lifted the face looks – reducing the need for filler (if a ‘natural but fresher’ look is desired). A 26 per cent increase in collagen, leading to a 37 per cent reduction in wrinkles, and a whopping double the amount of elastin (that’s the stuff that keeps skin tight and stops it sagging), to offer 23 per cent more lift.

The numbers are impressive – but the burning question is – in an age where we are using muscle relaxing injections to render our muscles out of action, why would we want to stimulate them instead? Well, as we age, facial muscles undergo atrophy, losing their shape and shrinking in volume. Our apple shaped cheeks, turn into flatter versions of themselves over time, and with fat loss and bone degradation too, our faces begin to sag.

Being able to target specific delicate muscles – specifically the frontalis, zygomaticus major and minor, and the risorius. This allows the EmFace to laterally lift the brow, to not only youth-boost the eye area but to reduces wrinkles in the upper part of the face, but provide better facial support overall. Sagging facial tissue is drawn back up, resulting in more youthful corners of the mouth, a tighter jawline – which allows practitioners to inject fillers more sparingly in the future.

Currently, studies are being performed on how Emface affects the efficacy of your injectables, but the doctors who have been trialing it for over a year claim to not have seen an abnormal rate of metabolisation of both muscle relaxers or dermal fillers. But they have found some patients do rely less on injectables post one course of EmFace. Add to the fact that there is no downtime, and unlike other RF and ultrasound treatments it’s a pain free process – so we believe this new treatment is set to be hugely popular.

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