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Rejuvenating beauty treatments using your own fat cells

Inspired by pioneering regenerative therapy for joints, doctors are now harnessing the healing properties of our own fat cells to provide a more natural approach to medical beauty enhancements

Lipogems technology uses the natural rejuvenating qualities of fat cells to help fill in fine lines and repair skin damaged due to age and sun exposure. Fat contains lots of juicy blood vessels and natural repair cells, called adipose pre-cursor stem cells. The repair cells are extracted from your own fat, prepared using the Lipogems technology and injected directly into the skin. These prepared cells trigger a natural healing response within the body where they detect injury and attach themselves to damage. Used in beauty procedures, Lipogems restores skin vitality by filling out hollow areas and improving skin quality.

Mr Miles Banwell, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at the Regenerative Beauty Clinic said: “While we have been using fat injections for a long time our ability to refine quality and improve using Lipogems is fantastic. The rejuvenating effect on the skin itself is quite remarkable, while the overall naturalistic youthful look gives people their best self or a younger looking version of themselves. It is very exciting to be taking this treatment forward here in the UK.”

Regenerative medicine relies on the body’s capacity to repair damaged cells. It involves stimulating new cells to grow while helping damaged cells repair themselves at the same time. Adipose tissue can be used to treat scars, lines and wrinkles, refreshing ageing skin and to perform a non-surgical facelift.

Used as an aesthetic treatment, practitioners claim that Lipogems therapy creates more natural looking results than treatments such as botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. The procedure can take around two to three hours and you can resume normal activities almost immediately.
It is not often we think of fat favourably, but it turns out that our fat tissue is an unsung beauty hero.