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Hypnotic liposuction for weight loss

The obesity epidemic is as big an issue as ever in the UK, with almost two thirds of men and well over half of women either overweight or obese

Struggling to get results on their own, many people are turning to cosmetic surgery to lose weight. Industry body the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reports that there were over 28,000 procedures last year. Liposuction was the sixth most popular, with over 2,000 people opting for the weight loss procedure.  Now a new form of hypnotherapy claims it can make it possible to experience the benefits of liposuction in a single session, without cosmetic surgery. However, experts advise that clients need a high level of suggestibility for the treatment to work.
HypnoSuction uses the hypnotic powers of auto-suggestion to help people lose weight. Using psychological techniques, the therapy creates a self-fulfilling prophecy in which imagined fat loss quickly becomes real.

Adam Cox, founder of HypnoSlimming, said: “The hypnotic gastric band has been around for a few years, but it still takes several months for people to lose the weight. HypnoSuction uses a hypnotic form of liposuction to remove the body fat instantly.

“People are able to look at the mirror immediately after and see a person without body fat looking back at them in the mirror. A new vision and identity become embedded sub-consciously, which changes thoughts and behaviour to be congruent with the new identity.”

Patricia Rank undertook the new weight loss technique in a bid to lose weight in a stress-free way. She said: “I wanted to lose three stone and didn’t want the hassle of diets and exercise and liposuction seemed both expensive and painful. The HypnoSuction session was just 90 minutes and I feel like I remember the liposuction happening to all the body parts where I didn’t want fat. I’ve managed to lose the three stone, which is incredible—almost too good to be true.”

Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy involving hypnosis, which focuses a clients’ imagination and subconscious to help bring about positive changes to their thoughts, feelings or behaviour. It is not suitable for those with severe psychosis, depression, or obsessional neurosis.