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Would you let someone jab your bottom?

An EV Expert gives us the lowdown on the body contouring innovations using dermal filler and other methods

Using dermal filler to shape, contour and plump the face and lips is, dare we say it, pretty commonplace nowadays – you may have even read our post on using filler in the buttocks and to correct hip dips – the inward curves just below the hip bone.

So is specialised contouring of the body using fillers and other methods set to become the next big thing? EV Expert Dr Vincent Wong gives us the lowdown on these breakthrough aesthetic innovations.

“Specialised dermal filler treatments are the application of dermal fillers beyond targeting signs of ageing. This can be body contouring, for example buttocks and hips, or facial feminisation or masculinisation.
These treatments are definitely on the rise, and the fact that they are temporary and minimally invasive is a major bonus to patients. Globally speaking, body contouring with fillers is extremely popular in Asia and the Middle East. It is gaining traction in the UK, and I believe demand will grow in the coming years.

"Currently, around 5-10 per cent of my patients book in for this type of treatment. In general, specialised dermal filler treatments are carried out according to the patient’s needs and aesthetic goals, however they can also be used in medical cases–for example, body contouring with fillers in the buttocks and hip region can be used in patients who have lost a lot of weight or are suffering from eating disorders, to help them look and feel healthier.

"I also perform facial feminisation and masculinisation treatments for the transgender community, which is a big gap in the care that transgender individuals are receiving.

"Other specialised body contouring treatments include threads, bio stimulators and mesh suspension technology–mesh suspension is almost like a thread, it works very well with areas of heavy tissue such as the bottom.

"Hip and buttock contouring is a relatively new treatment in the UK but it is popular in other countries as it is linked with cultural backgrounds. The hip region is also a popular area for hip dip treatment, and you can get really good results with filler alone. However, mesh suspension technology helps lift the entire area; the treatment mainly focuses on the upper and middle buttocks because fat distribution changes afterwards.
"We can't perform treatments in certain regions because it will give the opposite results of what we want to achieve in terms of lifting and repositioning, as the tissues are a lot heavier.

"With bio stimulators, results last longer–12 to 18 months compared to fillers. However, the downside is that it requires a long time to boost collagen–up to three months–and results can vary from person to person. If the patient is unhappy with the results, the only way to get rid of it is via surgery which can be invasive for the patient.
"Fillers in general give good volume and contour immediately after treatment. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a very safe product but the downside is a shorter duration compared to bio stimulators, with results lasting around nine months, although this can vary from product to product and patient to patient.
"If you’re considering body fillers, you want a formulation with a high G prime which will give you the lifting results you want. You need something that will last and maintain a shape. Elasticity is also a very important factor.

"As with anything within aesthetics, results are down to the patients’ idea of what beauty means to them as well as cultural background. We can also use this treatment to celebrate all different permutations of gender and sexuality, not only for female patients but for male patients, transgender patients or those who identify as non binary.”

Vincent Wong, Cosmetic Doctor

Dr. Vincent Wong is one of London’s leading cosmetic doctors. He is trained in advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments...

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