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The latest lip enhancers

From plumping balms to innovative aesthetics techniques, put your best pout forward with these new lip solutions

Looking for a luscious, more defined pout in 2023? From non invasive lip plumpers to has-she-or-hasn't-she lip tattooing and a heavenly injectable technique, we thought we'd let you in on the new innovations that are bound to be on everyones' lips soon...

Angel Lips

Etre Vous Expert Dr Osman Bashir Tahir (Dr OBT) of Halcyon Aesthetics reportedly sees around 900 patients a month for his signature Angel Lips technique, which provides a natural result without distorting or changing the shape of the lips. Dr OBT works with both dermal fillers and botulinum toxin to not only volumise but also treat the area around the lips to disguise fine lines and lift the corners of the mouth, offering a variety of shapes personalised to each individual while accentuating strong points and disguising weaker areas. Treatment time is around 20-30 minutes; results are instant and optimal in a week.

"Other techniques you often see on social media, such as the Russian Lips technique, cannot stand the test of time," says Dr OBT. "The Russian Lip is created with a group of techniques that basically achieve height on a lip. This means the pink of the lip is raised higher on the top lip and gives the illusion of shortening the philtrum. Equally, the bottom lip drops lower, giving a deeper v-shaped curve toward the chin. Too much dermal filler is injected in one treatment and eventually, they migrate outwards leaving a “white moustache”– a bulge above the upper lip that has to be dissolved.”

Lip Define

There’s little more satisfying than finding the perfect ‘your lips but better’ lipstick–but what if you could have that feeling without having to apply lip makeup?

Step forward Lip Define by permanent makeup maestro Karen Betts; this lip tattooing technique is great if you feel like you’ve lost the natural pigmentation and/or definition of your lips and need a refresh. Using a specialist facial tattooing machine, pigment is gently applied to the lip area using very fine needles.

The treatment is available at Karen Betts clinics in Harley St London, Cheshire and Yorkshire.

Pucker Up

Skinfluencer Londons' Pucker Up lip treatment offers fuller, plumper lips through the process of collagenesis, without any need for filler. Using Fotona laser technology, this needle-free protocol stimulates collagen while also removing any dead skin, resulting in a Bardot-like pout for approximately four weeks.

It takes just 10 minutes and lips may appear slightly dry after having it done, so you'll need to regularly apply a good quality lip moisturiser for a few days post-treatment.

CellDerma Perfect Lips Plumping Balm

Unlike some lip plumping products that cause visible swelling by irritating the skin, CellDerma's latest product boosts volume from within by using moisture protecting ingredients to leave you with a smoother, fuller looking pout.

A blend of powerful ingredients including peptides support and stimulate collagen synthesis, which in turn improves the appearance of lips, including contour and definition.

The rich, pearly formula also works to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Clinically proven and suitable for using all year round, the balm also includes tribehenin, a highly effective hydrator (emollient), which increases lip moisture volume for softer, healthier-looking lips.

Osman Bashir Tahir, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics

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