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Profile balancing: 3 treatments to consider

A visually balanced profile is touted as the beauty holy grail - a leading aesthetic practitioner reveals her chosen method for achieving the most natural results

Want a perfectly balanced side profile? We hear from leading Aesthetic Practitioner and owner of Harley Street Injectables, Alice Henshaw, on how she achieves perfectly natural results.

"Profile balancing is a highly effective, bespoke treatment used to balance the features of an individual’s facial profile, enhancing and complementing the existing features of the face.

"It is ideal for most patients who do not yet want to undertake surgery and may have asymmetry concerns or volume loss in the face. It can also be used to enhance side profiles for clients who may feel they have a receding chin/jawline and a prominent nose.
"Profiloplasty, which is commonly referred to as profile balancing, is a cosmetic injectable treatment which looks to balance and optimise an individual's facial profile by altering the proportions of the face. Dermal fillers can be a very effective option for balancing the facial profile and adding volume – to create a completely balanced profile you may need to increase the volume of certain facial features, in some areas. This could include the cheeks, nose, chin and lips.

"My go-to products for profile balancing are Restylane Lyft, Volume and Defyne. I’ve found my clients get very natural results with longevity using these products, and the filler gels to the tissue creating a very soft and natural result.

"In terms of the amount of filler used, it depends on the clients’ facial volume loss and level of symmetry required. Typically, we will administer between 5-10 mls depending on each individual’s expectations. To put that in perspective, one teaspoon holds 5ml. So one-to-two teaspoons is a sufficient amount, however sometimes we require less.

"During a consultation, you will be advised by your practitioner on the right treatment plan for you. We often advise to combine fillers with anti-wrinkle injections and skin boosters to increase hydration and skin quality so the client feels their best, most natural self."

Other treatments to consider alongside or instead of dermal filler, include…

Fat freezing and dissolving 

If your double chin is due to a pocket of fat, then you could consider fat freezing or dissolving to destroy the cells permanently. Fat freezing options include the popular CoolSculpting, which normally takes just one treatment to achieve around a 25 per cent permanent fat reduction in the area in two-to-three months. Another effective treatment for blitzing fat in the submental area is Belkyra, which uses a solution based on deoxycholic acid and is administered via injections into the area of concern. More than one session is usually required, and you’re likely to experience swelling for a few weeks following the treatment. While Belkyra is tried and tested, beware of opting for other fat dissolving treatments as they are more than likely illegal and unsafe. Also, bear in mind that after either treatment, you may be left with loose skin so a tightening treatment such as radio frequency might be required once desired fat loss has been achieved. As with any non-surgical treatments, researching and booking a highly qualified practitioner is essential before undergoing treatment.

Dental work

Did you know that the position of your teeth can affect your side profile? Some aesthetic practitioners work with cosmetic dentists and orthodontists, taking a holistic approach when considering what makes for a great profile. This is because a weak profile can sometimes be due to a degree of underlying misalignment with the teeth or bones of the jaw. For those looking for a longer term fix, the teeth can be corrected alongside injectables to shape the jaw area and side profile.

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