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Face facts: how to survive when you can’t get to the clinic

Toxins or fillers fading fast? Try the following expert tips to get you through lockdown

It’s not just about vanity—putting a stop to frowning can also help to boost your mental health, as facial aesthetics expert Dr Harry Singh explains:
With clinics closed and all non-essential cosmetic treatments being stopped, wrinkle-free, smooth foreheads up and down the country are slowly starting to unfreeze and reveal those worry-lines.
We are all understandably worried at the moment. With so much uncertainty and fear in the air, it’s no wonder that many of us are crinkling our brows with concern. I spend much of my time correcting people’s expression lines in a bid to help them look younger and fresher, and as a result I have become somewhat of an expert in how frowning impacts us, not just physically but mentally. So, here are a few tips to help ease some of those worry lines and boost your mental wellbeing.
·      Try not to frown: There is a reason botulinum toxins have been scientifically shown to help depression and that is because our facial expressions and emotions are intrinsically linked—if we can’t scowl or frown so much, we feel happier. Smiling therapy is actually a thing. Even if you don’t feel like it, try sitting and smiling for a few minutes; it will change your mindset and help you feel more positive.  
·      Relax: Stress not only ages us, it also lowers our immune system, so try using relaxation techniques such as deep breathing meditation to calm your mind.  
·      Get fresh air: Take the opportunity to exercise outside once a day to get some fresh air, all the while practising social distancing, and spend time in your garden, if you have one (wearing SPF to protect your skin, of course).
·      Take a break from news and social media: While it is good to be informed, overdosing on news can make us feel overwhelmed and increase our stress and anxiety levels. Don't obsess with keeping up with every Coronavirus news story. Try to find happiness in your daily lifts and focus on what you are grateful for. We need to focus on the positives while remaining healthy.
·     Practise self-care: Drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep, eating a healthy diet and taking supplements (such as vitamin C, zinc, turmeric and echinacea, which are all good for our immunity) boost our general and mental health and, of course, our skin.