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EV reviews... Hand Rejuvenation

Can dermal fillers really transform your hands? We put the procedure to the test

You know what they say? To really tell a woman’s age, don’t look at her face but her hands. That’s because hands are one of the first areas to show age on the body.

But all is not lost as hand rejuvenation, which involves dermal filler being injected into the backs of the hands, promises to turn back time.

Not only is the skin thinner on our hands, but they don’t have much fat to begin with so imperfections and wrinkles are more visible. Hands get thinner and bonier as the muscle bulk in them starts to fade away, leaving us with ugly prominent veins, tendons and bones.

A few year ago, this fact hit me really hard. While taking some photos for Instagram of a fabulous new manicure I’d just had, I realised with horror that the ‘old lady’s’ hands in the photos were mine!

So after careful research I decided to head off to visit Dr David Jack of the Dr David Jack Clinic. Dr Jack is not only a Medical and Aesthetic Doctor but a trained Reconstructive Surgeon too, so I felt my hands were safe in his!

Taking a close look at my problem area, Dr Jack suggested that a little filler placed carefully in the back of my hands was one of the quickest and most efficient ways to return some of that youthful plumpness.

After carefully explaining the procedure, Dr Jack applied some numbing cream to my hands, before starting the injections. I hastily looked away not being a great fan of seeing needles going into my body and braced myself… But I could feel nothing, apart from a slightly odd sensation and pressure as the filler was massaged into place.

The procedure took less than 15 minutes and I was soon on my way home with instantly younger-looking hands.

Dr Jack had inserted 15 little injections in-between the tendons and bones on each hand. He explained that he uses a filler called Ellanse—this is a collagen stimulating filler that not only gives an immediate benefit of plumpness but stimulates the growth of collagen where it is injected, giving a longer term result that can last up to four years.

I went home that night and waited for my hands to swell. Only they didn’t! Actually, maybe a tiny, tiny bit but not so that anyone else would notice. Instead I had back the hands of 15 years ago. No more ugly, bulging tendons and veins criss-crossing over the backs—bye-bye ‘old lady’ hands.

I really couldn’t be more delighted, not least because I’m the one who has to look at the backs of my hands all day, when I’m typing, driving or painting my nails.

Now I have to be careful not to look at and admire my hands too much, especially when I’m driving, which could be dangerous. The results have lasted too—it’s been over two years since the procedure, but I won’t hesitate to return for a top up when needed.

The effects of hand rejuvenation can last up to four years, depending on the dermal filler used. Many EV practitioners offer the procedure—visit our practitioner finder for one near you.

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