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EV reviews… Face Design by Dr Ivy

No longer used to merely fill faces, injectables are being used like paintbrushes to sculpt and freshen with flair

While I’m lucky in that I have few wrinkles and look young for my age, the inevitable trade off has manifested in gravity taking hold. I began my aesthetics journey a few years ago with a touch of dermal filler and ‘Baby Botox’—little wins which provided pleasant results but piqued my curiosity as to what the results could be like with another practitioner’s eye cast over me.
Having experimented with numerous facial tweakments since then, it's taken a rapidly advancing aesthetics industry to bring something to my attention: the only thing that really provides truly youth-boosting results is facial optimisation—dermal filler and botulinum toxin creatively placed with respect for the patient's facial anatomy, to fill out and add volume where it’s naturally diminished.  

Enter Dr Ivy at 111 Harley St, who specialises in advanced facial rejuvenation and a bespoke technique called Face Design, also known as the liquid facelift.

Having trained in anatomy and practiced in Asia where the quest for beauty is perhaps even more sought after than it is in the West, Dr Ivy has studied faces in a way that not all others have, and her intuitive way of working includes assessing you from all angles, watching your face as it moves and expresses.

Where artistry meets tech

A perfectionist in everything she does, Dr Ivy’s signature treatment has been developed to create facial harmony as well as symmetry. Each treatment is bespoke to the patient and her creative approach uses lots of tiny tweaks of either botulinum toxin, dermal fillers or soft threads—or a combination—to achieve the desired result, which will enhance features and literally turn back the hands of time.

“Face Design is a concept where all the muscles work in synchronisation and when all the facial layers express the most beautiful version of someone’s face,” says Dr Ivy, who also describes the treatment as ‘scientific, precise and artistic.’

The treatment 

Dr Ivy’s charming and super friendly manner makes you feel instantly at home, despite the fact that she’s about to come at you with needles. Her technique is also a little different as you stand in front of a ring light while she works. This makes total sense as if you were lying on a couch, it’s possible that gravity might affect the results.

After a decent amount of numbing cream, she began ‘face mapping’ which involves marking up the face and outlining the areas that need to be optimised. Firstly, my mid face was treated with 0.5ml of dermal filler on each side for lift, volume and projection. She quickly moved on to softening my marionette lines and added a touch into my lips and chin—always a winner—to bring my profile into balance.

Dr Ivy then injected 30 units of botulinum toxin into my overdeveloped masseter muscles, a treatment I have had in the past to help with my occasional morning headaches due to nighttime jaw clenching.

“To create balance I used toxin to slim the lower third of the face, I then used dermal filler to optimise and lift the upper face—this enhanced both the mid face projection and improved the periocular area,” shared Dr Ivy.

Just 3ml of filler was used in total, although it seemed like there were a lot of injections and there were, because instead of injecting into set areas, Dr Ivy ‘sprinkles’ the product throughout the face where she sees fit.

Immediately afterwards my skin was red (this was mainly due to the numbing cream which my skin doesn’t like) and a bit bruised. But when Dr Ivy handed me a mirror I could already see some impressive results taking shape, particularly around my jawline.

Back home, with the redness subsided, a number of small bruises started to appear; again this is can be normal for me, but I was able to conceal them with makeup so no big deal.

A couple of months later I checked in with Dr Ivy for a review; this time she decided to administer a further 10 units of botulinum toxin into my neck to soften lines and tighten the submental area.

The verdict

In all honesty, the results have surpassed my expectations—I knew there was a bone structure lucking somewhere, but Dr Ivy has reawakened my features and face in a miraculous, just-can’t-tell way.

The beauty in her artistry is that the results speak for themselves, but not one person has called out what I’ve had done. Plus, the results will last for up to two years if I'm lucky. I am a client for life.

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