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Why combining aesthetic treatments will elevate your results

If you are looking to maximise your regime and achieve your best results ever, personalised treatment packages are the way forward

Most aesthetic treatments are effective enough when performed alone, but to really amp up the results, have you considered a combination approach?

Bespoke packages are starting to gain traction, as practitioners understand that optimum results mean happy patients, while patients appreciate the personal service and attention to detail.

Certain treatments also work like a dream in combination with one another, and practitioners are thinking outside the box and taking a personalised stance; think of it a bit like adding icing to cake or cream to strawberries – why wouldn’t you take things to the next level if you had the choice?

We hear from three top practitioners who are pushing the boundaries when it comes to utilising more than one treatment for elevated results.

Dr Vincent Wong, Vindoc Aesthetics

Etre Vous Expert Dr Vincent Wong believes that personalised treatment plans are a great way to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals, and that personalised beauty is the future of aesthetics.

"This approach explores the patient’s long-term goals and short term wants, and creates a realistic and affordable treatment plan that is specially tailored to them," he says.

"It will also help educate them on the necessary steps required in order to achieve their desired look, and how to maintain it beyond treating their presenting complaint. Personalised beauty often involves combining different treatment modalities to target different root causes that contribute to the patient’s aesthetic concerns. This results in a better and longer lasting outcome.

"Every face is different, so why should the aesthetic approach be the same? Personalised beauty plans will also help practitioners evaluate the entire face (rather than focussing on a specific area) and help patients in restoring or maintaining facial balance and harmony, as well as preserving the unique characteristics of the individual’s face."

Dr Wong's treatment combos to try

Dr Wong likes to combine a small amount of dermal filler with threads and a skin peel (two weeks apart). This, he says, tends to target all layers of the face and gives a really natural-looking result.

Another popular combination is botulinum toxin combined with skin peels and medical grade skincare.

Dr Natalie Geary, Medical Director, Light Touch Clinic 

“Everybody ages differently – it’s not just that some people will lose fat in the mid cheek first where others notice that the skin around their chin has aged totally differently from everywhere else, it’s actually about what bothers people,” says Dr Geary.

Dr Geary will often sit with a patient and be taking their history and asking about what bothers them. Often, their concerns are not necessarily where she might have started.

“I will advise patients about options available, but fundamentally I will also work on the areas that are causing them to lose confidence. I have heard so many stories of patients visiting a plastic surgeon and leaving in tears. They went in asking about one small thing and by the time they left, the surgeon had completely ravaged their self-confidence by saying that they could do with a lot more work than they anticipated.

“I am here to help people feel the best they can about themselves. This always starts with a detailed conversation about their areas of concern and from there I will create a treatment plan.”

Dr Geary’s treatment combos to try

Dr Geary is a big believer in combining treatments – dermal fillers to revolumise, botulinum toxin to soften lines and wrinkles, machine-based treatments to improve the quality of skin, and excellent skincare.

“The beauty of cosmetic medicine is that it is so adaptable. We have solutions for almost every concern now and being able to pick and choose which treatments are best for my patients allows us to deliver natural, beauty enhancing treatments,” she says.

The clinic often combines body contouring treatments to sculpt, lift and tighten – Coolsculpting often gets an upgrade when combined with Elixis Elite radio frequency contouring, for that extra boost on areas where skin tightening would benefit, but especially on upper arms.

Dr Preema Vig, Medical Director, the Dr Preema London Clinic

Dr Preema Vig also believes that aesthetics personalisation is the future: "It is key when it comes to body contouring and getting the results that you want,” she says.

“There are different body shapes, different skin laxities, different muscle strengths and different goals – our team have created ‘The Body Suite’ where we assess the patients’ own individual needs and create a bespoke plan tailored just for them.

“This may consist of an array of high-tech treatments that are layered to target their chosen areas and help them achieve the best results possible.”
The advantage is that the patient can be assured they are getting treatments that are recommended for their body type: to have a ‘one treatment plan that suits all’ approach does not give each individual the best results that they can achieve.
“Having a bespoke plan means that the patient will be achieving their goals faster, as we know exactly what their goals are and what treatments are best suited. This can also save the patient money, as they are not having treatments that they don’t necessarily need.”

Dr Preema’s treatment combos to try

TruSculpt Flex tones muscle and burns fat using the latest advancement in muscle toning technology, alongside Venus Legacy to reduce the appearance of cellulite and make the area appear smoother and lifted.

Treatments such as Laser Genesis stimulate new collagen and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping them, alongside Hydrafacial, a hydradermabrasion procedure which offers cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously with no discomfort or downtime.

Vincent Wong, Cosmetic Doctor

Dr. Vincent Wong is one of London’s leading cosmetic doctors. He is trained in advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments...

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