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This is how you can turn back the clock on your 'growing' ears

Ever heard of earlobe rejuvenation? We uncover what happens to our ears over time and what you can do about it

It’s widely believed that as we age our ears keep on growing, but in actual fact the real reason they get bigger is due to something else entirely.

“As part of the normal ageing process, we lose collagen and elastin in our skin. These proteins are what give skin vital structure and fullness. The skin in our ears is no exception to this, and as we get older this loss of structure leads to thinning, wrinkling and major sagging,” explains Etre Vous Expert, Dr Emmaline Ashley.  

And it’s this sagging that leads our ears, namely our earlobes, to look longer/bigger year on year.
Ashley also notes that “piercings in the ears can make dropping even more apparent, as the lack of support as we age can cause earrings to pull or droop down.” It’s also not uncommon for people to purposely stretch their earlobes with large gauge earrings which, once stretched to a certain point, simply never go back to normal.

Cue earlobe rejuvenation.

“The goal whatever the cause is to restore a youthful, smooth appearance to the lobe, as well as providing adequate structural support sans discomfort or further distortion if someone choses to wear earrings,” says Ashley.

Earlobe rejuvenation techniques according to Dr Ashley…

“The skin on your ears can benefit from good skincare just like the skin on the rest of your face, so you really shouldn’t neglect this area! To slow down collagen loss, SPF is key as are antioxidants and hydrating ingredients, however, the skin on the ears is a delicate area so avoid strong actives.

"It is possible to provide some support in the lobe with dermal fillers, particularly if there is general weakness and sagging as filler can help plump up a shrivelled or deflated earlobe and restore a smoother appearance.

"Small boluses of filler around a piercing will provide better support and reverse concentrated sagging around a piercing.

"Finally, there are surgical options for those who have extremely stretched lobes, either through age or by intentionally doing so with jewellery. One way to perform reshaping surgery is to remove the scar tissue around the piercing, suture it back together, and allow the lobes to heal in a new and more cosmetically pleasing shape.

"Another potential surgical procedure is to remove a small, triangular wedge from the bottom of the lobe and stitch the lobe back together, which will result in a shorter and smaller lobe.”

Emmaline Ashley, Aesthetic Doctor

I'm Dr Emmaline Ashley, the founder of Ashley Aesthetics. I'm passionate about beauty, wellness and science. I wanted...

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