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5 super facials you need to know about for glowing skin in 2022

Whether you're looking to brighten, refresh or firm your skin, one of these hard working in clinic facial treatments might offer the perfect solution

WOW Facial

Available at Hannah London; to find your nearest clinic visit

WOW Facial is a transformational, non-surgical skin treatment combining some of the most advanced skincare technologies on the market to leave skin glowing, luminous and healthy. Unlike other treatments, WOW Facial's are customised to suit your individual skin type and concerns.

How it works
There’s six steps to the facial: Cleanse & Prep featuring an active exfoliating cleanser; Peel & Treat which uses one of four peels to suit your skin – Bright, Clarify, Glow or Resurface – Wow Fusion, a needling/mesotherapy device using a cocktail of the highest grade vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can target anything from dehydration to photo-ageing and hyperpigmentation; Light Therapy using blue, red or green LED light to stimulate collagen; the signature hydrating WOW Mask featuring stem cells and peptides to reduce any redness, and Finish & Protect including an eye cream and sunscreen. Your practitioner can also add micro droplets of botulinum toxin for an even fresher look.

The procedure
Firstly, my skin was double-cleansed and de-greased, before the ‘Glow’ peel was applied to my skin for a few minutes – this is formulated with a combination of mandelic, lactic and citric acids to visibly improve the appearance of dullness, rough texture, uneven skin tone and promote a revived and glowing complexion.

 It was slightly tingly and hot but nothing too painful; as my skin is sensitive, my clinician Roxana also told me to let her know when it felt too active and stimulating.

 Then it was on to WOW Fusion, where my skin was micro-needled with hyaluronic acid and WOW Age Complex – this included vitamin C, Rutin and amino acids to help heal the skin from advanced photo-ageing and is also a powerful antioxidant. The microneedling action combined with mesotherapy is said to stimulate the wound healing response and release growth factors.

 Packed with stem cells and peptides, the cooling mask was then applied, with healing and redness reducing LED red light therapy applied over the top.

 To finish, Roxana performed a fantastic head massage before applying an SPF50 day cream and eye cream. I can see why it’s called a Wow facial as afterwards, I can honestly say my skin had never looked better, airbrushed and even toned. This lasted a couple of weeks.

Who does the treatment suit?
This is an excellent facial to have before an important event, plus it is suitable for all skin types – as every treatment is tailored, even sensitive skins can be treated.

Is there any downtime?
There’s no downtime at all – I was a bit red from the microneedling, but I applied some mineral makeup and it had gone down after an hour or so.

How many sessions are required?
You only need one treatment for a glow up that lasts up to three weeks.

Rebecca Barnes

Cool Laser

Available at Beyond Medispa, Harvey Nichols, London

It's the Kardashian-favoured, non-invasive treatment that targets everything from fine lines, pigmentation, spots and acne to tightening jawlines and plumping lips without the use of fillers. The Novus Medical Cool Laser facial treatment is the perfect middle ground between having a treatment that’s effective, while promising minimal downtime.

How it works
Scientists would call it a dual-mode, high definition, fractionated CO2 laser, which basically means that the pulses from the laser heat the water in the skin, vaporising it while also cooling the skin. It’s the cool element that makes this laser treatment different, while simultaneously emitting microscopically thin columns of laser, thereby lessening the feeling of heat and a burning sensation which would otherwise feel quite comfortable.

The duration of the pulse can be adjusted which is why it is suitable for so many different skin concerns. The heat also triggers a healing response in the deeper layer of the skin that boosts collagen growth, giving the skin a smoother appearance over a longer period of time.

The procedure
Claire, my aesthetician, cleansed my face thoroughly to ensure there was no dirt, oil or makeup residue on my skin before putting protective goggles over my eyes. She explained what the laser would feel like and demonstrated it on my hand so I could feel it. The cool laser pulses over the skin and clicks as it fires. Claire describes it as feeling like hot raindrops and that’s exactly what it felt like. It made me jump a bit at first but I soon got used to it and although it’s not exactly a relaxing treatment it wasn’t painful. The laser part of the treatment was over within 15 minutes.

A deliciously cooling sheet mask was then placed on my face for 10 blissful minutes, followed by moisturiser and sunscreen – I was then sent on my way with the advice to avoid makeup, saunas, steam rooms and exercise for the next 24 hours.

That evening my face felt hot, as if I had a bad sunburn, and looked quite red. The following morning the heat sensation had gone but my face remained quite red, although I was able to apply some mineral makeup to cover it. By the evening my skin felt super dry and was drinking up moisturiser in a way it doesn’t normally do.

Over the next couple of days my skin still felt paper dry and some superficial peeling appeared on my chin and cheeks. Needless to say I continued slathering on the moisturiser and by day five my skin was back to normal but really smooth, clear and with a lovely glow.

Who does the treatment suit?
Anyone wishing to have clearer, tighter, more glowy skin, including darker skins. The duration of the pulse can be adjusted for different skin types and types of treatment which is why it can treat a variety of skin concerns.

Is there any downtime?
The treatment I had is best for achieving smooth, glowing skin before a big event; for more long-term results and to treat skin concerns such as pigmentation, the laser can be put on a higher setting, however you need to factor in additional downtime with red, peeling skin can last anything up to a week.

How many sessions are required?
Depending on the area and skin concern being treated, you might need 1-5 treatments. For skin rejuvenation, 1-3 treatments 4-6 weeks apart will be needed.

Karen Heath

Bespoke CACI Synergy Facial with Hand Rejuvenation

Available at Lisa Franklin, London. Find your nearest CACI salon at 

The microcurrent facial is one retro treatment that’s making a comeback, and is a fail-safe option for anyone looking for tighter, more glowing skin without having to book in for injectables or radio frequency. One of the best known brands, CACI, has been around forever – in fact it was one of the first professional facials I ever experienced – and is celebrating 30 years in 2022. However, the all-new CACI is no longer just a toning and lifting solution, as it can be customised to suit the individual.

How it works
Essentially, the treatment uses tiny electrical pulses to tone and re-educate the facial muscles; it does this through probes which are passed painlessly over the skin. Safe and effective, microcurrent technology was originally used to treat patients with Bell’s Palsy, but has since moved on and the Synergy system takes the technology to the next level, with many advanced functions and treatment options to create a truly bespoke facial.

The state-of-the-art S.P.E.D (Simultaneous Photo Electrical Delivery) technology delivers dual action results by delivering simultaneous LED skin rejuvenation at the same time as microcurrent facial toning, enabling both a tightening and lifting of the facial muscles.

The procedure
This facial has the added benefit of the inclusion of a delicious hand treatment, and firstly, my hands were cleansed then dried; the CACI Rejuvenating Hand Mask was then applied to both hands with fingertips removed and excess product massaged into client’s fingertips.

Conducting ‘Electro’ gloves were then slid over the top of each hand. While the hand treatment was in progress, my face was then worked on, starting along the jaw with microcurrent rollers and probes which is particularly good for jawline definition – both of which deliver rejuvenating LED light at the same time as lifting and toning. The microcurrent part isn't painful but you can certainly feel the sensation which is a bit like a warm tingle.

This was followed by the cooling CACI Hydro Mask which is applied to the skin; this contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, and soothing rose. The Hydratone Rollers (microcurrent with LED), were used to gently massage over the mask, bathing the face with rejuvenating energy – the microcurrent recharges the energy within the facial muscles to help restore muscle tone and firmness, and boost hydration and brightness.  

My eye area and forehead was then worked on with microcurrent probes and CACI Wrinkle Comb which targets lines and wrinkles.

Finally, the hand mask and gloves were removed, and the excess product massaged into my hands and up the forearm. Afterwards, my skin felt firm, smooth and glowing, while my hands were super soft, hydrated and line-free.

Who does the treatment suit?
CACI Synergy is for anyone looking for effective, non-invasive, long-lasting results – it’s perfect for all ages, genders and skin types including rosacea, sun damage and problematic skin. It is clinically proven to provide longer-lasting results, with wrinkle depth reducing by up to 75 per cent and skin elasticity improving by up to 88 per cent. There are some contraindications to the treatment while areas being treated with botulinum toxin (wait 3 months) or dermal fillers (wait 2 weeks) should be avoided.

Is there any downtime?
Not at all – I was a little red from the stimulating elements of the facial, but this subsided after an hour or so.

How many sessions are required?
It is recommended to have 2-3 treatments per week (10 as a course), followed by monthly maintenance.

Rebecca Barnes

The SKN Rehab Facial

available at Vie Aesthetics, London

This facial is a one stop shop for all skin concerns, from acne to fine lines and wrinkles and everything in between. It’s totally customisable and uses 5 technological innovations that claim to enhance product absorption by up to 400 per cent.

How it works
Diamond Microdermabrasion deeply exfoliates to remove dead skin cells and create a controlled injury to the skin that triggers repair and natural collagen production. Then it gets super sciencey, as a negative galvanic current is used  to  ‘pull' out dirt and impurities from deep within the pores. Then a positive current pushes active skin boosters – a mix of peptides, and vitamins deep within the skin.

But that’s not where it ends, LED is then used by way of a multi-light mask that treats a range of concerns simultaneously. There’s collagen and elastin stimulating red light, blue light that is proven to kill up to 80% of blemish-producing bacteria and green light helps calm, and even out skin tone. This is followed by a blast of oxygen and a sheet mask packed full of regenerative Swiss Apple Stem Cells.

The procedure
I arrived at Vie Aesthetics with no make-up on but despite that I was given an incredibly thorough cleanse which I greatly appreciated (as I’ve tested many a treatment where I’ve felt as though my skin wasn’t cleaned as well as it should be).  And as someone who tends to go for treatments that can sometimes feel uncomfortable, think radio frequency microneedling, injectables and lasers I was excited to try something a little more relaxing.

The microdermabrasion was gentle and left my skin feeling less congested in minutes. I’m no stranger to this exfoliating technique, but I had never tried an ION detox, which is what came next. The aesthetician doused my skin in a positively-charged water then placed a small electrode pad on my shoulder to form a mild electrical circuit – I was told that this circuit uses micro pulses of electrical current to lift any toxins buried deep within my pores - which did leave me feeling like I was participating in a real time physics experiment.

Once my skin had been adequately detoxed, a positive micro-electrical current pushed active skin boosters, vitamins and peptides into the cellular level of the skin. Not only does the electrical current expel nasties, and boost product penetration, it also stimulates blood flow, collagen and elastin production and helps lift and contour by giving your facial muscles a workout. Unlike other muscle stimulating treatments I couldn’t feel my muscles actually moving, but I did feel a few little electric shock-like twinges.

This was followed by the LED mask, which gave me some time for R&R as all the tension in my hands and arms were massaged away. By the time the LED mask was removed, and the stem cell sheet mask was applied, I was in a state of blissful relaxation, which remained even when we got to the final stage – where SPF 30 was massaged into my skin.

Post treatment my complexion was brighter, the contours of my face were noticeably tighter, and even my pores seemed to have shrunk. Days later my skin was still well hydrated, and the acne I’d had on the day of the treatment had cleared.

Who does the treatment suit?
 Due to the fact that it targets so many different skin concerns, and even the microdermabrasion can be adjusted to suit even very sensitive skin, this treatment is for all skin types, tones and concerns. However, if you have severe acne and blackheads or hyperpigmentation and those are the issues you would like your facial to solely target, then you could opt for something that includes extraction and a peel element.

Is there any downtime?
There is no downtown with this treatment, my skin was glowing and had I not felt so relaxed and wanted to go  from  the  therapists bed to  my own, I  would have definitely gone out sans make-up.

Amerley Ollennu 


available  at YoungLDN,  London

How it works
Over the course of an hour your skin with be treated to three modes of treatment by way of interchangeable tips on the HydraFacial device. Deep cleansing and exfoliation occur by way of suction and acid peels, and is followed by a hydration boost thanks to a cocktail of bespoke antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid followed by some LED therapy that’s tailored to your specific skin concerns.

My experience
While the pressure of the suction device on my skin wasn’t painful I realised early on that this wouldn’t be a relaxing treatment. It started with the therapist manually cleansing my face with a cleanser from the ZO Skin Health range, and then the HydraFacial machine whirred into action and the treatment began in earnest.

Acting like a vacuum the device sucked at my skin to remove the dead skin cells at the surface, then exfoliating acids using the  brands own products were dispensed unclog my pores, smooth the texture, and give me a major glow. It felt a tad scratchy, but not painful, and once my therapist was done cleaning out my pores she applied a neutraliser all over my face to stop the acid from working to the point of irritation. Finally using the device, hyaluronic acid was infused into my skin to add back hydration as were peptides and antioxidants to lower inflammation in my skin.

This was then followed by LED light therapy were red light was used to boost collagen and elastin, and further reduce inflammation in my skin. And blue light targeted the blemish producing bacteria to keep my spots in check. To finish ZO Skin Health moisturiser and SPF were massaged into my skin.

The massage was brief as the HydraFacial is really all about the device over traditional manual facial techniques. And while I enjoy a facial massage especially to reduce tension in my facial muscles I was impressed by the glow I was sporting by the end of the treatment. However, this treatment should be performed once or  twice a month to notice long-term changes and for me personally I would use this protocol in conjunction with more effective youth-boosting treatments like microneedling and deeper peels.

Who does the treatment suit?
HydraFacial is suitable for all skin types from acne prone, to those with sensitive or dry skin, as ingredients, vacuum settings and tips can be adjusted to suit the individual.

Is there any downtime?
None, this is the perfect treatment to really clean out your pores and give you that glowing skin pre-holiday or special event! It's also a great summer treatment when things like chemical peels cannot be done so easily. You may experience a slight flush to the skin but this usually subsides in 10-15 minutes.

Amerley Ollennu

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