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Calm and soothe post procedure skin with one of these skincare saviours

Put those active ingredients aside and reach for a product with the power to calm, soothe and dampen down irritation

When you’ve undergone a procedure such as dermaplaning, laser or microneedling, your skin is going to need extra tender loving care. This means that your preferred active ingredients may not be the best option until your post procedure skin has fully recovered.

Instead of your usual routine of slathering on powerhouse actives, think about packing in much moisture and hydration and getting skin back to a calmer, happier state. Treat it well at this critical stage, and you’ll be back using your hardworking beauty solutions sooner than you know it.

We’ve rounded up some skincare saviours worthy of your skin’s attention - make sure you stock up before you book in for your next non surgical procedure…

HydroPeptide Daily Drench Hyaluronic Peptide Booster

Developed by geneticists and powered by the science of epigenetics – how genes express themselves – this new product duo possesses powerful gene singling ingredients. A must following treatments such as dermaplaning and microneedling, Daily Drench Hyaluronic Acid Peptide Booster plumps and delivers intensive hydration to dull or dehydrated skin. The gel textured serum penetrates the epidermis to deliver a thirst-quenching hit of triple-weight hyaluronic acid, while hydrating peptides boost the skin’s own renewal of hyaluronic acid, resulting in visibly plumper, firmer skin.

HydroPeptide Moisture Infusion Mask

Also from the HydroPeptide stable, Moisture Infusion Mask is designed to be used following LED treatments and uses hydrogel technology to deliver powerful hydration to skin. With ingredients including age-defying peptides which help boost collagen; protective and brightening antioxidant botanicals; and hyaluronic acid, this combination treatment firms, nourishes and hydrates.

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

Oxygenetix is the skincare makeup hybrid loved by celebrities and makeup artists alike, and its Oxygenating Foundation is often used on set and in makeup kits thanks to its buildable coverage that’s kind to skin. The key ingredient is soothing aloe vera, which, unlike most water based foundations which attract bacteria, provides antibacterial properties and helps promote the skin’s healing process. Therefore, it’s a great product to have in your makeup bag to conceal any pesky post procedure redness.

CellDerma GF5

Dr Dev Patel’s skincare range includes hero super-serum GF5, which has been designed to be used after aesthetic treatments such as microneedling, radio frequency, laser or dermal fillers, to reduce recovery time and complication rate post procedure.The formulation includes a high concentration of five growth factors that are identical to the growth factors found in the human placenta; when applied to the skin, they help reverse the ageing process and repair existing damage. In addition, neuropeptides help minimise and prevent lines and wrinkles. The serum has other benefits including helping to minimise scarring post-surgery or other trauma (e.g burns), as well as stretch marks.  

Allies of Skin Molecular Barrier Recovery Cream Balm

Recommended by dermatologists and called the ‘bandage balm for rapid skin barrier repair,’ this comforting daily leave-on treatment contains a fusion of instantly acting and long-term reparative ingredients including an award-winning adaptogen, oat protein, panthenol, black cumin oil, squalane, ceramides and niacinamide, to help soothe and repair compromised and post procedure skin. It’s ideal to be used before and after non-invasive procedures such as laser treatments, microneedling and chemical peels. The cream can also be used in combination with acne-targeted prescription products, especially when first introduced to your skin. With continuous use, skin layers are rebuilt and the skin barrier strengthened and repaired.

Skinceuticals Epidermal Repair 

Tried, tested and loved by the EV editorial team, this light cream is formulated to help relieve sensitive and compromised skin while reducing discomfort – and it certainly works a treat. Ideal for post dermatological procedures including IPL, laser, radio frequency and dermal fillers, it’s suitable for all skin types including sensitive. Ingredients include beta gluten granulates, extract of centella Asiatica and soothing Nymphaea Alba flower extract. Simply apply a thin layer evenly on the affected area.

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