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What’s all the fuss about NAD+?

Is NAD+ really the fountain of youth or simply beauty hype? We give you the lowdown on the latest wonder substance

Longevity is the latest wellness buzzword garnering attention, and with damaged cells being one of the six biological causes of ageing, the topic has become a prominent subject of investigation in healthcare research.

This interest in cells has trickled down to the beauty, health and wellness industry, with cell care becoming one of the more accessible ways to address ageing at a cellular level. It’s a complex area, but scientists are discovering that both internal and external ageing can be slowed and even reversed – an interesting prospect for an ageing population.

It has also emerged that the skin cannot repair itself and is directly dependent on NAD+ to perform its function. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a naturally occurring coenzyme and vitamin B derivative which declines as we advance in years, is one the ways in which preventative ageing is being explored, with Google reporting a surge of 21 per cent in the last year alone for searches for “NAD plus.”

A wealth of evidence now demonstrates that declining or low NAD+ levels is a feature of ageing and can trigger the decline of many basic psychological functions that can lead to lower energy levels, early ageing and potentially chronic diseases.

As an active ingredient, the molecule, which is present in every cell of the body including the skin, plays a crucial role in improved cellular energy production and the reversal of biomarkers of ageing, as well as improved sleep, DNA repair and increased energy.

In essence, NAD+ is just as important as oxygen to the human body–by enhancing and optimising NAD+ levels, users can take their health into their own hands by improving both mental and physical human performance, as well as potentially extending their lifespan.

Transforming non surgical aesthetic treatments

Improving health and resilience at a cellular level could also ensure consistent results and recovery following aesthetic treatments, regardless of patient age. For example, microneedling and laser treatments rely on the activation of cellular stress pathways to clear damaged cells and stimulate collagen production. Therefore, NAD+ restoration beforehand could be a way of ensuring the cells respond optimally to the treatment.

So how exactly can you incorporate more NAD+ into your life and is the ingredient really the magic bullet of youth?

The NADclinic in central London is at the forefront of using NAD+ as a holistic therapeutic, and pioneering hyper-personalisation to support longevity and optimised human performance.

If you’re curious about where your NAD+ levels are, the NADclinic NAD+ Levels Test Kit should be your first port of call. The test is designed to help you understand and optimise your NAD+ levels, along with three other crucial longevity markers.

NADclinic’s NAD+ Optima Max Supplements help to keep levels topped up while fighting signs of ageing and fatigue. Other benefits include optimising brain function and performance, reducing oxidative stress and improving focus and concentration.

The clinic also offers four single IV infusions which include NAD+ along with vitamins C and B, glutathione and magnesium to boost, detox and energise.

Wellness hub Victoria Health calls their NAD+ Generator "one of the most important new supplements we have launched this year." The supplement contains RiaGev and vitamin B3 in the form of nicotinamide to enhance NAD+ levels. It is said to result in an increase of 10.4 per cent within five days and an almost 30 per cent increase at a 28 day level.

Skincare is also covered with the new breed of NAD+ products: formulated in Switzerland by a molecular biologist, Intuisse uses liposomal technology to deliver NAD+ deep into the skin’s cells.

New additions to the carefully curated range include Active NAD+ Eye Serum which is formulated using a five per cent pharma-grade Active NAD+ liposomal formulation, and Active NAD+ Cleansing Lotion, which protects against daily aggressors, inflammation and oxidation.

For a more affordable alternative, Dr Sam’s Flawless Moisturiser Intense is a NAD+ boosting barrier repair cream ideal for sensitive, redness-prone skin – it’s clinically proven to repair the skin’s barrier after the first use, and won’t clog pores. Other ingredients include lactobacillus ferment which bolsters skin’s microbiome, squalane, panthenol and ceramides.

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