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This is why you should exfoliate your body all year round

We ask an expert why you should exfoliate the skin on your body as frequently as you should the skin on your face and how best to do it

When the time to tuck away limbs in warm rolls of clothing comes, it can be all too easy to forget body skin altogether, leaving it to become dry and dull under clothes. And while you might focus your efforts in other places, it’s worth considering that body skin benefits from being tended to year-round, and that exfoliation is one of the key steps you can take along with moisturising to ensure it’s healthy and glowing, even in the depths of winter.

We spoke to Etre Vous Expert, Balsam Alabassi, Founder of DermRefine Skin Clinic in Mayfair, and she was keen to hammer home the importance of body exfoliation, claiming that “exfoliation is an important part of a bodycare routine as it removes the build-up of dead skin cells, decongesting pores, this reducing acne and aiding in the penetration of your bodycare products.”

Generally, you can be a little more abrasive on the body than on the face, so pumice stones on the feet, physical scrubs, and loofas can all be used, though Balsam is quick to add that chemical exfoliants such as acids also provide great benefits.

Which method you go for depends partly on your preference – if you enjoy a certain kind of exfoliation, you’re far more likely to do it often, thus yielding the best results – and partly on your skin type.

If it’s sensitive and prone to irritation, try an acid-based moisturiser which makes use of water-soluble acids (like alpha hydroxy acid glycolic) or oil-soluble acids (like beta hydroxy acid salicylic, which is great if you suffer from congested skin) vs a body brush, loofah, or physical scrub which contains particles and therefore may make your skin red. If, however, you can tolerate a physical exfoliant, it’s worth remembering to apply a moisturiser afterwards to hydrate.

Pay more attention to the knees, elbows, feet, thighs, and bottom, as Balsam says these areas require more attention than the rest of the body – as skin tends to be thicker and produces less oil, making it prone to dryness.

Balsam also recommends exfoliating at least once every 10 days during the winter months as skin can become dull and sedimented with dead skin cells as a result of the harsh outdoors, reduction of fluid intake, and heavy occlusive clothing. But by exfoliating twice weekly, you’re sure to keep pores clear and skin nourished.

Balsam Alabassi, Owner and Founder of Dermrefine Skin Clinic

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