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The rise of smartphone fatigue

As a society we are increasingly reliant on our smartphones, but new research suggests they could also be to blame for feelings of fatigue among professionals

Six out of ten 25-34-year-olds in full time work feel they are experiencing ‘smartphone fatigue’ created by the demands of inbound calls, text messages, alerts, notifications and emails, on their phones.

In a survey commissioned by Thumbtel, 63 per cent of people agreed that smartphones are responsible for creating a work/life imbalance, with just over half agreeing that they never fully ‘switch off’ from work and 56 per cent saying they regularly receive work related calls that interrupt valuable personal time, such as holidays, weekends or evenings.

Headaches, sore eyes, spot prone skin and even skin discolouration can also be blamed on over-use of smartphones. While constant frowning and glaring at our phones explains the headaches and tired eyes, holding a well-handled phone to your face can also block pores, which causes spots and exacerbating acne. Visible light and infrared energy from your phone can also create free radicals that cause hyper-pigmentation.

Andy Munarriz, CEO of ThumbTel says: “I know from my own experience how difficult it is to switch off from work when you receive countless business calls and texts even if you’re on holiday or spending time with the family. While our careers enhance our lives, everyone should feel comfortable switching off and enjoying life away from work.”

Take some time away from the screen to outsmart smartphone fatigue and rejuvenate your face.

  • Botulinum toxin may be best known for smoothing out wrinkles on the face, but it is also an effective treatment for treating chronic migraine headaches. Unlike other treatments that are taken to treat an existing headache, botulinum prevents headaches and migraines before they even start.
  • Chemical peels are an effective option for treating the skin around the eye and, done by a skilled professional, can be done up to the lash line. Chemical peels on the eye area can help with skin firmness, fine lines, dark spots and dark circles.
  • Chemical peels are also a good option for reducing oil and bacteria levels to help control acne and stimulate collagen production, essential for reducing pore size.
  • Apply a daily antioxidant serum like NeoStrata's Enlighten Illuminating Serum to shield skin from those destructive ions.