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Is your hair adding years to your appearance?

Hair appointment on the horizon? Top styling and colour experts explain the clever hair tricks that can help turn back time

You may never have given it a second thought, but the way you wear, style and colour your hair can make or break how fresh faced you appear.

While it’s never going to take the place of botulinum toxin or dermal filler, the right hairstyle and colour can draw attention to your best features and help detract from what you don’t like, giving you an almost instant youth boost.

A skilful stylist will work with your bone structure, hair texture and natural colouring and you’ll be surprised at what can be achieved, whether you’re looking for a subtle face lift, to disguise wrinkles and less than perfect skin, or give the illusion of a more defined jawline.

We spoke to some hair experts for their advice on the cuts, styles and colour to go for, so you know what to ask for next time you’re in the salon chair…

Clever cuts

“When skin loses its elasticity and neck sagging occurs, mid length haircuts are the best option to distract from the area. Go for a versatile layered lob which suits both straight and curly hair – the layering can provide structure and create a different focal point on the face. Create definition around your jawline with a classic or wavy bob – however, the length of the cut must be at the jawline.”
Afroditi Koutsouki, Neville Hair & Beauty. London

“If you suffer from facial water retention and puffiness, you may wish to choose a hairstyle that visually elongates the face such as our Chelsea cut, which offers volume at the crown but will also cover the sides of your face.”
Jack Merrick Thirlway, Neville Hair & Beauty, London

“By creating the right shape you can enhance any feature while drawing the eye away from less desirable features. Fringes soften the face, hide lines on the forehead and if cut right can enhance cheekbones, drawing the face up. Layers that create height and width higher up can also give the face a slimmer, more youthful appearance.”
Jo Eykyn, Haringtons, Winchester

“A pixie cut can do wonders in lifting people’s eyes as well as creating the illusion of sharper, more defined cheekbones. The cheekbones can be lifted even further if you style the hair back.”
Sam Snell, Neville Hair & Beauty, London

Successful styling

“Styling plays an important role when trying to knock years off your face – when clients are trying to look and feel younger we always recommend choosing a haircut with face-framing layers to create softness and movement. Not only will a good haircut make the hair healthier, but styling the cut with loose waves will look fresher and younger.”
Domenico Casella, Neville Hair & Beauty, London

“Add bounce, body and shine back into your hair by adding a small quantity of customised extensions. As we age, hair loses its lustre and density which can be restored using single strand keratin bonds. The individual bonds allow the wearer to enhance the volume of their hair and also helps them to ensure that their style lasts longer.”
Louise Jenkins, Head of Education, HB Collective (home to Great Lengths)

“We recommend a fringe to help conceal fine forehead lines. Fringes are edgy, easy to maintain and if you don’t like it you can grow it out. If you are new to fringes, there are also some great fake fringe extensions on the market.”
David Dossola, Neville Hair & Beauty, London

Creative colour

“Face framing highlights can change and brighten your skin tone, as does maintaining the right tone in your hair. This will ensure your skin looks its best while disguising things like hyperpigmentation. Well cut and styled hair using products to give shine can make the hair exude youthfulness. Styling hair with curl and bounce can create softness for anyone.”
Jo Eykyn, Art Director, Haringtons, Winchester

“For those with a very milky complexion and freckles, I recommend a warm, spice toned red to complement your skin tone and make your eye colour pop. For Mediterranean skin with a yellow undertone, go for honey caramel tones. For fair skin and hair, it’s better to stick to ashy blondes. For anyone over the age of 60 looking to feel younger, it’s important to go two-to-three shades lighter to create softness and less of a contrast between your hair colour and skin tone. Rosacea sufferers also benefit from going lighter as redness will be less obvious.”
Seniz Alkan, Neville Hair & Beauty, London

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