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The products and treatments Etre Vous experts use themselves

They may be a whizz with a needle and fantastic with filler, but what aesthetic treatments and products do top practitioners use themselves?

They may be whizzes with needles and microneedling magicians, while creating fresher faces and juicier lips for clients is just another day's work to them. But what do top practitioners invest in for themselves when it comes to treatments, tweakments and medical grade skincare?  

Sean White 

One of my favourite skincare products is Complexion Clearing Masque from ZO Skin Health. I use it once or twice weekly to help control the sebum in my skin and for the natural antibacterial properties. I recommend it to many patients, particularly those with active acne or breakouts. Another favourite product is 3D Lip from Teoxane – it's packed with hyaluronic acid which holds water and leaves lips feeling plumped and smooth.

An in-clinic treatment that I regularly have is Venus Viva, which is nanofractional radio frequency for skin rejuvenation. It’s my favourite as it targets so many skin concerns including lines and wrinkles, visible pores and textural irregularities.

Another saviour is AnteAge MD Hair Complex which keeps my hair healthy and thick. It is a microneedling treatment with bio-identical growth factors – it’s a consistently good quality PRP alternative and I have had so much new hair growth.

Anna Baker 

One of my heroes is SkinBetter Science Tone Smart SPF 50 Sunscreen Compact. It’s lightweight, mineral-based and blends to most skin types. It can easily be layered on top or underneath other products, and has broad spectrum UVA/UVB and blue light filters, as well as calming and anti inflammatory ingredients, making it perfect post-procedure.

My favourite cleanser is NeoStrata Mandelic Clarifying Cleanser – perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin, it contains gluconolactone, mandelic and salicylic acid, plus tea tree oil, and helps keep skin clear without stripping the barrier.

In clinic, I love Profhilo for firmness, hydration and to essentially bring out the best of other  treatments I have. The lasting bio-stimulation makes my skin glow and even improves the appearance of my pores.

Jacqueline Vidal 

I give myself SkinPen microneedling treatments using SkinGenuity's growth factors, especially on my hands which show my age. I also like to give my hands a treat with Dermalux LED PhotoTherapy treatments.

I am a big fan of Pressotherapy Lymphatic Drainage which is brilliant for all-round health and circulation. I also like to get a LipoContrast treatment in when I can to keep things at bay. There have been amazing outcomes with this fat reduction machine, showing instant results.

Dr Jess Srivastava 

I have been regularly getting toxin treatments once a year for the last five years, and I love the way it brightens, tightens and smooths my upper facial complexion.

I have also recently started SkinPen microneedling for myself after seeing great results on my clients, and am a huge fan. I use it on both my face and head to promote healthy hair growth, and am excited for the results that I will see after three-six regular sessions!

Anna Hemming 

I suffer from rosacea and my skin has been transformed by ZO Skin Health. My skin loves Exfoliation Accelerator, which contains 10 per cent glycolic and lactic acid formulated to actually reach your skin cells. I also use ZO Daily Power Defense, Retinol Skin Brightener and SPF30 Sunscreen + Primer, which is my favourite.  

My skin has also benefitted from Cutera Excel V+ laser for my rosacea. Excel V+ is a targeted laser treatment with brilliant results on red, erythema and vascular lesions. I keep my neck, hands and face hydrated with Profhilo collagen stimulation and hydration injections, and use botulinum toxin gently, giving natural softening to lines and wrinkles.

Julie Scott 

For me, everything starts with cleanser – my go-to is ZO Exfoliating Cleanser as I love the way it cleanses, gently exfoliates and delivers vitamin E at the same time. An unsung hero is ZO Daily Power Defense, which balances the skin’s pH and improves its barrier function. My favourite vitamin C is ZO 10% Vitamin C Self-Activating, which only becomes active once applied to the skin.

I use different SPF throughout the year: in winter, I like ZO Sunscreen + Primer for its SPF30 and silky finish. In summer I move to Heliocare AirGel and the new kid on the block, ZO Sunscreen Powder which I think is a game-changer

It’s really important for me to have regular medical grade facials, alternating between Hydrafacials and microneedling treatments with growth factors. I’ve been having toxin treatments since I was 35 and see it as the bedrock of a lot of my treatments. I have Profhilo three times a year, and skin boosters to improve under my eyes.

I’m a huge fan of radio frequency and am currently having a course of EndyMed INTENSIF treatment. All these treatments work in harmony with each other – if patients can work with their practitioner on a holistic treatment plan combining treatments bespoke to their concerns, this is where they see the best results.

Vincent Wong 

I have two products that I absolutely love. The first is AlumierMD EverActive C&E antioxidant serum which contains L-ascorbic acid and is so easy to use. It really helped with brightening my skin, and giving it a glow. What's interesting about this product is that the active ingredients are kept in crystal form in the lid – the user has to release the ingredients and mix with the solution to ensure product freshness.

Active Serum by AQ Skin Solutions uses human-derived growth factors to improve skin quality over time. I apply it twice a day to help reverse any skin damage caused by UV exposure, inflammation and pollution.

I have neurotoxin twice a year, mainly in my forehead, crow's feet and masseter muscle. I have it as a preventative measure, and the masseter injections really helped me stop grinding my teeth in my sleep. I also have the Definisse Lightening Peel monthly. This is a powerful yet gentle skin peel that works by combining salicylic acid, pyruvic acid and trans retinoic acid. It doesn’t cause major peeling, but delivers the results of a medium-depth peel.

Dr Emmaline Ashley 

I love Epionce Renewal lotions and creams which I describe as active moisturisers – they have ceramides, hyaluronic acid and fatty acids to moisturise and restore the epidermal barrier, but also contain botanicals like meadowfoam, olive oil and apple fruit extract to soothe inflammation and repair free radical damage.

Skinbetter Science AlphaRet is a combination of a lactic acid and conjugated retinoid that is 20 times more potent than a retinol, but is well tolerated with almost no irritation. It produces amazing results for fine lines and wrinkles, as well as smoothing overall texture and skin tone.

I regularly have botulinum toxin to the upper third of my face. When done well it is subtle, preventative and gives beautiful results. I have just reached the age in my 30s when those dynamic lines are deepening and could turn into static wrinkles, so a little regular toxin keeps me looking refreshed.

I have also started having a small amount of cheek filler. I have always had very large cheeks, so any volume loss makes a big difference, and contributes to a less defined jawline and a tired appearance, as I feel like everything begins to droop! A small, subtle amount of cheek filler immediately has me looking like my old self – it’s one of my favourite treatments to have and perform.

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