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The aesthetic technology trends you need to know about

Etre Vous Experts reveal the clever technology that will shape the industry and give patients more choice than ever

From ultrasound that improves patient safety to zero downtime lasers, our experts reveal the advancements in technology that will revolutionise the aesthetics industry in 2023 and beyond...

“I feel that more practitioners within the industry are going to be utilising ultrasound technology within their practices. There is emerging evidence that using ultrasound to map out facial anatomy prior to and during treatments facilitates safer practice. Practitioners are also beginning to become much more curious around having an ultrasound device to help them manage potential complications and adverse events, and in the instance of dissolving problematic dermal fillers. With the industry currently unregulated but potential regulation looming, practitioners that are dedicated to patient safety and providing the best patient care are looking at ways they can make their practice even safer.” 

Julie Scott, Facial Aesthetics Clinic

“I believe that thread lifts are going to be extremely popular – there is a shift from injecting too much dermal filler, which can sometimes result in an unnatural look. With threads, we can achieve a younger appearance without adding more volume. Over the years, extensive research and development means we now have threads made from different materials such as polycaprolactone and poly-l-lactic acid, with a long list of new indications. As we age, the superficial fat pads of the face are displaced and threads are a great way to reposition these fat pads. In my clinic, I use Definisse threads – various techniques allow me to create a treatment plan that is tailored to my clients’ aesthetic needs, according to their own facial vector. I am able to enhance the cheeks, reposition the eyebrows and reduce the appearance of jowls – the threads can also be used in the lips to reduce the appearance of perioral lines while maintaining lip definition, and to lift the tip of the nose. These treatments are performed under local anaesthesia and can last up to 18 months.” 

Dr Vincent Wong

"I am passionate about helping patients address damaged skin, create natural-looking skin tightening and restoring lost volume while gently turning back time. Combination treatments will continue to transform skin: these include skin tightening with Cutera Secret Pro radio frequency; microneedling; fractional CO2 laser resurfacing, and vascular laser treatments to remove redness and inflammation – the Lithium Triborate Excel V+ laser is five times more absorbent into blood to help clear the symptoms of rosacea. I'm extremely excited about new developments within the laser sphere as a new laser frequency has been developed with maximum absorption into sebum. Trials have shown two year clearance of acne as a result of a course of treatment, with the statistics rivalling, and in fact superceding those seen with oral roaccutane. I can't wait to offer the 1726 nm laser treatment using Cutera's new AviClear device which will launch here later in 2023.”

Dr Anna Hemming, Thames Skin Clinic

“Post pandemic and with the current cost of living crisis, anxiety and stress is at an all-time high and there’s a new culture of impaired and inflamed skin, along with an upsurge and focus on skin wellness. The Bionik Pulse Triggered Laser is a non-invasive skin treatment with zero downtime, that’s clinically proven to provide long-term skin rejuvenation. The patient wears a pulse oximeter sensor throughout the treatment, which catches the cell at its most bio-active and bio-receptive moment. Once the cells are receptive they are flooded with energy, hydration and nutrients within all layers of the skin. Charging each individual cell repairs skin at the cellular level and locks in hydration, while improving antioxidant status and reducing inflammation.”

Gemma Clare, Holistic Health, Skin & Wellbeing Expert

“Regenerative medicine injectables will be popular – products containing polynucleotides (obtained from purified salmon DNA) are quickly gaining popularity. These bio-stimulating gels help boost collagen production and repair damage to the skin with tissue regenerating materials. They are particularly good around the infraorbital (the eye socket) area to brighten and improve skin texture.”

Alexandra Bebb, The Cotswold Skin Company

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