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5 of the best aesthetic treatments for hair and scalp rejuvenation

If hair loss is on your mind, you'll be glad to know you're not alone. We've found five innovative treatments that can help to revitalise sluggish strands

Stress, Covid, hormones, drugs, nutritional deficiencies, childbirth, fever, overstyling – all of these things can affect your hairs’ growth pattern and tendency to shed more than normal.

In fact, during the pandemic (and we’re not quite out of it yet), many doctors reported a rise in patients suffering from stress-related hair loss, so if you thought there was a bit more hair on your brush than usual, you may not be imagining it.

Temporary hair loss, known as telogen effluvium, is normally triggered by a stressful event or illness, happens about 3-4 months after the event, and affects more women than men.

Hair will grow back given time, but if you’re impatient there are things you can do to coax hair growth back to normal levels, including supplements, stimulating hair products and tonics, and in clinic treatments.

The latest aesthetic treatments for the scalp and hair span a range of options and price points – here we explain what's on offer (with most available from our EV Experts), how the procedure works and if it might be right for you.

If you are experiencing sudden hair loss, it’s advisable to seek medical advice before undergoing any treatment.

HydraFacial Keravive

From the same stable as the ever popular Hydrafacial, this relaxing three-step treatment is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, nourish and hydrate the scalp.

The first step, Cleanse & Exfoliate, uses Vortex Technology which helps dislodge and remove impurities from the scalp and hair follicles.

This is followed by Hydrate + Nourish, which uses a peptide complex solution to exfoliate and nourish hair follicles with biomimetic growth factors and skin proteins, to promote a healthy scalp and healthier, fuller-looking hair.

To finish, the home-use daily Peptide Complex Spray enhances the treatment and delivers hydration and nourishment to the scalp and hair follicles.

HydraFacial Keravive can also complement hair loss treatment protocols: a cleaner, healthier scalp encourages better uptake and efficacy of popular oral, topical, laser, and surgical therapies. The recommended regime is three monthly treatments, with the topical spray for use in-between.

After just one treatment, patients reported improvement in scalp itchiness, scalp dryness, scalp flakiness and hair fullness. Following the full course, 75 per cent of patients reported improvement in hair fullness, and 72 per cent reported improvement in overall hair appearance.

BOOK NOW: Available from Dr Anna Hemming at Thames Skin Clinic and Sean White Aesthetics

Hair growth mesotherapy

Hair growth mesotherapy is brand new and completely painless – ideal for alopecia, hair thinning, Covid symptoms, general hair loss due to ageing and bald patches, it uses a mesotherapy pen to inject hair growth serum into the scalp without needles.

The air pressure gun feels a little like having your head stamped; you can also have it done in the salon chair between a wash and blowdry. Another bonus is that the treatment can be fitted into a lunch break and there is no downtime.

The specially formulated serum contains keratin, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that ‘awaken’ dormant hair follicles, stimulating a reaction that includes new baby hair growth, as well as thickening of the hair at the scalp.

The treatment finishes with an Indian head massage to increase blood flow and stimulation to the scalp, boosting the hair renewal rate. We were impressed by how quick and easy each treatment was; we did have a slight headache afterwards, though.

3-6 treatments is recommended, with results developing over 8-16 weeks. It’s not cheap at £195 per session, but if you are a fan of traditional mesotherapy skin treatments, this might be worth saving up for.

BOOK NOW: Available at the Renee Lapino Clinic, Neville Hair & Beauty, London 

VieStem Hair

VieStem Hair is autologous, meaning it uses your body's natural processes to promote natural hair growth – it incorporates use of the Regenera Activa or Seffihair system, followed by LED light therapy and carboxytherapy to enhance results.

A small piece of tissue is taken from an area on your scalp where the hair is still dense and not affected by baldness. This is usually at the back of the head, closest to the neck. From this tissue sample, the doctor harvests regenerative stem cells, which are then mixed in a solution and carefully injected into your scalp where the thinning is occurring.

This one-off, zero downtime process not only activates follicles that are nearing the end-phase of their life (known as miniaturised hairs which are the small, fine hairs you see – or you don’t see – in cases of thinning), but also plants new hair follicles. Any previously dying follicles can once again become healthy, and over time, capable of producing denser and thicker hair as your hair cycle returns to normal.

The first results can usually be observed within four to seven months, although some clinical observations have shown improvements in hair count and scalp coverage after just six to eight weeks.

Vie Aesthetics’ Dr Liakas is one of the key opinion leaders in the country for Regenera Activa and Seffihair – he has treated well over 500 patients.

BOOK NOW: Available at Vie Aesthetics, London and Essex

Anteage MD

AnteAge MD Hair System is effectively a microneedling treatment for hair; using the latest advances in hair follicle science, it combines all the tools needed to promote natural, healthy growth without surgery or hormonal side effects.

Ideal for all skin and hair types, the handheld dermal needling device enhances product penetration, reduces the rate of hair loss and promotes new growth, increasing hair fullness, density and texture.

The Hair Serum formula includes bio-identical growth factors and industry-first cytokines that signal to the dormant stem cells inside the hair follicles to regenerate and return to normal growth patterns. These are combined with polybotanicals which are proven to stimulate circulation and blood flow.

BOOK NOW: Available at Sean White Aesthetics

PRP (platelet rich plasma)

Another option taking its cue from the skincare treatment of the same name, PRP, otherwise known as the vampire facial, involves the injection of a patient’s blood into the scalp to stimulate growth.

When injected, PRP gets to work in the bulge region of our hair follicles – this area is home to most of the hair follicles' stem cells. The addition of growth factors from the plasma helps stimulate activity and promote new hair growth.

However, this treatment is not for everyone - some say it’s better for female or male-pattern baldness, which is not the same as telogen effluvium as it has a genetic cause.

You are also required to have good quality blood to get the maximum benefit, so think about your lifestyle and how it may impact on your treatment.

BOOK NOW: Available from Dr Daniel Sister and Anamica Prasad at Faciem Dermatology

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