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Should more men be multi-masking?

As a general rule, men can be more cautious than women when it comes to trying new skincare

There are some trends worth stepping out of your comfort zone for, however, and ‘multi-masking’ may well be one of them.  

What is multi-masking?
Multi-masking is a technique that involves applying a variety of face masks to different areas of the skin. This may sound like a brand’s way of getting you to buy more grooming products, but skincare experts believe it’s an effective way of applying skincare products to get the most benefits.

Your skincare routine shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all and you should tailor it specifically to your needs. Multi-masking allows you to identify specific concerns on different areas of the face and specifically target them with the relevant product.

Whats the secret to multi-masking effectively?
Firstly, get to know your skin a little better. Look in the mirror, touch it, observe it and spot any differences. You might find that your forehead is shinier than your cheeks, or that you have more pores on your nose than your chin.

Once you’ve identified the different skin concerns for the different areas of your face, the next step is to choose the right products. You’ll want to choose multiple face masks that target your different concerns.

The next step is simple—apply your masks. It’s easier if you have a face mask brush, however it’s not essential. Cleanse your skin and apply your products to the relevant areas. The time you leave the products on might differ, so if you’re concerned leave it on for the shortest recommended time.

Is multi-masking really worth it?
If you have multiple skincare concerns, the consensus is yes. Multi-masking ensures your skincare routine is completely customised and suitable for your skin. You can apply an anti-ageing mask to your forehead, detoxifying to your nose and hydrating to your cheeks. Not many face masks will have all of those benefits, so multi-masking allows you to completely tailor your routine to your skincare needs.

Shaun from male grooming blog, Hishabits, says: “I multi-mask because my skin is really complicated. I have really dry skin but I get a lot of blocked pores around my nose and forehead. Multi-masking allows me to apply two different masks; one that removes the impurities from my nose, and one that hydrates the rest of my skin. I never apply just one face mask.”

If you want to take your skincare routine to the next level, multi-masking could the way to do it.`