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      Ms Balsam Alabassi

      Owner and Founder of Dermrefine Skin Clinic

      I am an Independent Prescriber and hold level 7 in Aesthetic Medicine. I adopt a personalised approach to provide you with a complete care solution, thereby advocating your right to look and feel beautiful. I adopt core values where you are the nucleus. My expert knowledge and background in pharmaceutics and aesthetic medicine place me in the ideal position of an Alchemist, Therefore, I'm able to select the most suitable formulation of skincare and weight management (SlimRefine) that is safe, effective, and results-driven. I love to educate, enable and empower you to be the best version of you with your own unique USP. The safety and wellbeing of my clients is my ultimate prime concern. I truly believe in one pillar in everything that I do, as well as the pillar of trust. Our skin is the biggest living organ in our body; if we look after it, then it will untimely look after us, so let’s wear it well. Love the beauty within and love the skin that you are in!


      I am fully trained, regulated and insured for all my treatments to explore your ideas and concerns in order to manage your goals, with complete aftercare in place. My unique perspective on skin health provides you with prescriptive advice. I specialise in combination treatment options that are bespoke and tailored to your individual needs, as one formula does not fit all. The effects of psychological wellbeing are intimately related to the success or failure of weight-loss interventions. Hence, the SlimRefine Medical weight loss that I provide adopts a multi-disciplinary approach for healthy confidence. My detailed assessments and in-depth consultations are the most important part of your journey. We will work together in partnership with a shared purpose to establish the most suitable outcome for you. Your time matters. I work around you with days including Sundays and bank holidays (subject to availability) and a time that suits you. Business hours need not apply.

      Ask the Expert

      Q: What do you love most about your work?

      I am passionate about delivering a personalised approach, with a complete care solution to advocate your right to look and feel beautiful. My mission is to carefully tailor to your skin needs as I truly believe that one formula does not fit all. I love to educate, enable and empower you so that we can work together in partnership, with a shared purpose in order for you to feel the best that you could possibly feel about your skin health, while embracing your own unique USP.

      Q: Based on expertise, what is your best piece of advice?

      Our skin is the biggest living organ of our body. If we look after it, it will ultimately look after us, So wear with care. Wear broad-spectrum sun protection throughout the year to protect and preserve your skin and minimise rescue and remedy. Love the beauty within, and love the skin that you are in.

      Q: What is your most useful life lesson?

      Remain in student mode, where learning never stops as every day is a school day. Learn one thing each day so by the end of the year, I would learn 365 new things. Adapt to change as only those who adapt will evolve and survive. When we dare to believe there is nothing that we won't achieve Love and appreciate the people around us as they are the discs in our vertebral column to keep us upright. Remain humble and grateful for every day that I receive.


      Bsc (hons) Pharmacology, Mrpharms (Pharmacy), VTCT LEVEL 4 Laser hair remonval and skin rejuvination, PgCert Independet Prescribing Maters Level , Level 7 Aesthetic Medicine

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