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EV reviews... a bespoke décolletage protocol

A multi-modal approach combining aesthetic treatments often produces the best results – we try one such protocol designed for the delicate décolleté

It’s time to put my cards on the table. I, like many of you no doubt, am guilty of stopping my skincare at my jawline for many years.

And unfortunately, I’m now paying the price. I’ve always been a stickler for cleansing and using quality products, and while I do have days of feeling good about my skin, the same cannot be said for my décolletage. It’s a little crepey and uneven in tone, with fine lines setting in due to years of sleeping on my side.
I used to suffer from breakouts and blackheads on my chest, and the only time I’ve felt really confident about this part of my body is when I was using prescription strength azelaic acid on a regular basis, which made my skin flawless and even toned.

Wondering how I could perhaps turn back time a little, I came across a new treatment at London clinic Skinfluencer called Décolleté All Day, which targets sun damage, crepey skin and wrinkles utilising a multi-modal approach and combining technologies to improve texture and tone.

While I wasn’t expecting miracles, I knew that this kind of due care and attention was well overdue, so I booked in to try it.

I was put in the talented hands of the personable Senior Medical Aesthetician SK, who has worked with more than 50 aesthetic devices during her career, along with a smattering of celebrities and royals.
Every treatment at Skinfluencer is totally bespoke to the client’s individual needs and skin profile, so you won’t necessarily end up having the same protocol as someone else addressing the same issue.

SK began my treatment by cleansing with Cleansing Complex from iS Clinical, before preparing it with a gentle, sensitive skin-friendly chemical peel including active ingredients derived from papaya and pineapple enzymes. This helped remove dead skin cells, as well as dirt and grime so that the laser energy could penetrate and kick-start change at a cellular level – a USP of all Skinfluencer protocols.

She concentrated on the chest area, tackling both the red and brown pigment present with a Genesis laser to stimulate collagenesis and thicken the dermis.

Next, she used an Erbium:YAG laser to create micro channels in the skin so that antioxidants and growth factors would be better absorbed. She then used a cooling Cryogen spray to push the actives deeper and to encourage long-lasting hydration.

The treatment was completed with red LED light for its youth-boosting benefits and to speed up the wound healing process.

A hour or so later I was done. My chest looked pink for a few hours but also much healthier and clearer; SK warned me that I could peel and sent me home with a small pot of recovery balm.
“The skin is fragile on the neck and chest so I always warn those in my care of the worst-case side effects, which include redness, peeling and swelling,” SK told me. “Not everyone experiences these indications, but if they do, they should know that it is an entirely normal side effect and not to be concerned as it will subside and they will be left with clear, youthful and rejuvenated skin.”

The treatment overall was exceptional – I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have never felt so relaxed leaving an aesthetics clinic. Not only that, my skin did not peel at all, and a few days later looked probably the best it has ever looked.
I’m already thinking about when I can go back for another session…

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