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Is temple filler the answer to a wider more lifted eye area?

According to experts, the temples are the unsung heroes of a youthful appearance. We asked Dr Miriam Adebibe to explain

As we age, we start to lose soft tissue at the side of our eyes, aka our temple; the temple bone resorbs, fat is displaced and soft tissues begin to diminish, which causes the facial structure to change.

At the same time as we age, the already thin skin around the eyes thins further and hollowness can ensue, as well as wrinkles and crepiness.

Add the volume loss in the temples and you’ve got yourself the perfect storm. With a reduction in support to the outer edge of the eyebrow, drooping will follow. Meanwhile, the upper eyelid may appear hooded and heavy as there is little in the way of support for the skin, and blood vessels may become more noticeable too.

In some cases, temporal hollowing can be so marked that if not addressed, the full effect of other tweakments performed on the face will not be realised.

To see rejuvenating effects around the eyes and the upper third of the face, all it takes is a delicate amount of filler. Shot into the temples you’ll find brows are instantly lifted and the eyes appear wider and opened.

Filling with hyaluronic acid is most practitioners preferred method as this can be dissolved if needed using hyaluronidase, while poly L-lactic-acid and calcium hydroxylapatite, the two other forms of injectable dermal filler, are semi-permanent and can't be removed.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance within the body, but it breaks down as we age. HA filler is effective in restoring lost hyaluronic acid into the temple area,  rehydrating the skin and plumping skin cells, while the thick gel texture instantly restores lost volume and provides a cushion- like effect to support tissue that has lost elasticity.

Restored temples not only support the structure of the upper face – filler in this region can indirectly soften the appearance of fine lines in the mid and lower face too.

What’s fantastic about this treatment is that it can achieve results, all without giving away that an individual has had any work done. However, because this tweakment impacts not only the eye area but the whole face, it’s best to have a consultation with a practitioner who adopts a holistic approach when it comes to assessments and treatments so they can guide you through all the options available.

This way they ensure that as a whole, your face looks well balanced. This may mean tag-teaming botulinum toxin muscle relaxant injections with filler for the ultimate in eye (and face) rejuvenation.

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