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EV reviews…I tried Polynucleotides the new must-have injectable

Everything you need to know about polynucleotides, the regenerative skin and hair injectable that turbocharges repair and regeneration

Polynucleotides are the new injectable on the block and it doesn’t freeze or fill, but what it does do is aid regeneration and repair. Think a reduction in ageing inflammation, and an increase in youth-boosting, skin perfecting collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

And with studies showing that three to four treatments administered three to four weeks apart have the ability to improve the appearance of tear troughs (the hollow groove between the under eye and cheek), dark circles, sagging skin, acne scars, pigmentation, rosacea, neck bands, dullness and hair density – I was more than willing to give this new treatment a whirl.

What are polynucleotides?

DNA is made up of nucleotides and a polynucleotide is a compound made up of several nucleotides bonded together. But whose DNA you may ask. “The polynucleotides we’re using to improve the appearance of skin and hair is made up of purified fragments of fish DNA extracted from salmon sperm,” shares aesthetic doctor and plastic surgeon George Christopoulos. Thanks to the fact that salmon sperm DNA closely resembles human DNA, injectable polynucleotides have the ability to function as a biostimulator with no adverse effects.
Distilled into a variety of strengths and suspended in water, some versions on the market also contain hyaluronic acid to offer instant hydration and to leave the skin looking plumper in the same way as a Profhilo treatment would.

The treatment

Christopoulos ran through the different brand offerings he planned to use. Newest by Italian manufacturer Mastelli, on my neck as it’s a mix of polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid which works best to plump, smooth, lift and add radiance. Plinest Eye by Mastelli, on my eye lids and under eyes, as it’s formulated specifically for the delectate eye area. And then for the smattering of acne scars on my cheeks and to aid hair growth along my hairline, Christopoulos picked Plenhyage XL Strong, which has one of the highest concentrations of polynucleotides available.
No numbing cream was administered but the needles were so fine that I barely felt a thing on my neck and eyes. On my cheeks a cannula (a blunt thin tube) was inserted under my skin which was also not painful but did feel a tad uncomfortable as I could feel the watery gel being pushed into my face. Thankfully it didn’t take more than 10 minutes for both sides. The only slightly painful area was the scalp, as each injection stung a little, and in the same way as when getting muscle relaxing injections, I was left with a little bump at each injection point that lasted about 24 hours post treatment.  

The Results

Unlike muscle relaxing injections and dermal filler you have to play your part to see the best results when opting to get polynucleotide injections. “Lifestyle factors will impact the outcome. Poor diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, too much sun exposure and a like will all cause the breakdown of collagen and elastin, and increase free radicals in the body,” explains Christopoulos.
If you keep (for the most part) to your side of the bargain visible changes should be seen three months after your last treatment.
I actually started to notice some improvements in month three - some new hairs had sprouted at my hairline, the skin around my eyes looked fresher and brighter, and my complexion glowed. But the scaring on my cheeks and lines on my neck have yet to see a marked improvement. But so far the results are promising and there is still time before I hit the three months post a full treatment course.

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