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5 under the radar ways to use muscle relaxing injections

Our EV experts reveal that Botox isn't just for frown lines and crow’s feet. In fact, it can treat a plethora of unexpected non-wrinkle related concerns

It’s one of the best ways to get rid of frown lines, lift brows and eliminate crow’s feet. But, there’s actually a lot of other ways muscle relaxing injections can be used. Our EV experts reveal all…

Banishing a gummy smile

Sure, it’s the ultimate wrinkle relaxer, but muscle relaxing injections like botulinum toxin otherwise known as Botox, are great for a whole host of other aesthetic treatments. In fact, just 2-4 perfectly placed injections could vanquish a gummy smile with ease.

“Botulinum toxin works as a great solution for a gummy smile since it reduces the extent of muscle contraction involved in smiling, and therefore reduces the gum shown,” says EV Expert and Cosmetic Doctor, Dr Vincent Wong of Vindoc Aesthetics. “There are no negatives to using it in this way and you simply have to repeat it every 4-6 months to keep your desired results.”

Tackling scarring

Whether it’s from acne or surgery, botulinum toxin can be a handy tool for dealing with diminishing the appearance, and the formation of scars. This is especially beneficial if it’s in a prominent area such as the face.

“Administered on scars, botulinum toxin helps to relax the muscles that in turn helps in the healing of the scar,” says EV Expert and Aesthetic Medicine Doctor at Health & Aesthetic Clinic, Dr Bhavjit Kaur. “It can even work on keloid or hypertrophic scars.”

Keloid scars are more common in brown and Black skin and look like excessive dense and raised fibrous tissue that extends beyond the borders of the original wound and are the result of an excess of collagen produced at a wound site.

Combating excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis as it’s also known can also be treated by using this popular injectable. “Botulinum toxin is an excellent treatment option for excessive sweating,” says Dr Wong. “It’s easy to perform and can give patients short-term relief (up to six months) without causing any long-term side effects.”

It works by blocking the neurotransmitter which stimulates the sweat glands. And can be administered on the palms, face, armpits, feet and even the scalp.

Managing pain

Botulinum toxin is also a useful tool against chronic pain conditions that have a neuropathic component. “From migraines and plantar fasciitis pain to Fibromyalgia, botulinum toxin alters the nerve firing pattern and processing of pain by the pain receptors,” explains Dr Kaur. “It also helps by suppressing the inflammation that might be irritating the nerves, meaning that it can hugely improve a patient’s quality of life.” And that in turn can decrease or stop pain altogether.


Whether you want to sculpt your calf muscles, slim your jawline or contour your shoulders, botulinum toxin could also be the answer here too.

“For calf reduction, toxin is injected where there is muscle hypertrophy (i.e your muscles are more developed due to exercise or wearing high heels),” says Dr Wong. “It works by relaxing the muscle and reducing muscle tone, and that means we can significantly reduce the size of the muscle.” Expect to need between 10-12 injections per side every six months.

The same principle applies when talking about reducing the size of your shoulders (where your trapezius muscle is injected), or slimming your jawline (where your masseter muscle is injected).

Injecting your masseter muscles can also help with teeth grinding and the pain associated with that. But Dr Wong warns you should always be careful when having this area treated. “If an incorrect muscle is targeted it can lead to difficulty speaking, chewing and severe asymmetry for four months,” he adds.

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