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How much do you really know about radio frequency treatments?

Here's everything you need to know about this skin tightening tech that amplifies collagen in the face and body for the ultimate youth-boosting results

On average our natural collagen production begins to decline at around the age of 25, so whether you are sporting some lines and wrinkles or not, collagen stimulating treatments are worth adding to your arsenal.

Radio frequency (RF) therapy is a gold standard collagen boosting treatment that tightens skin by way of energy waves that heat the dermis (the middle layer of the skin), stimulating the production of collagen.

The most commonly found protein in the body, collagen serves as one of the main building blocks for your bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It’s what keeps skin from sagging thanks to its fibrous supportive nature, and helps boost elasticity too. As we age our natural collagen production wanes, which is where RF comes into play.

How it works

RF electromagnetic waves heat the dermis to 50–75 degrees, and studies have shown that temperatures over 46 degrees for over three minutes trigger a release of proteins. These proteins stimulate new collagen fibres while being totally painless.

And while, thanks to its collagen building abilities it helps plump and smooth the skin, RF devices like Profound, Morpheus8, Evoke and Thermage are not just for lines and wrinkles. Think reversing collagen fibre degradation caused by UV exposure: studies have found that regular RF treatments can offer improvement on sun damaged skin types.

Skin tightening with RF isn’t just reserved for the face – it can also be used to plump, tone and tighten the body for improved body contouring.

RF has also been found to help break down fat and is often used to help contour the face non-surgically, while on the body it’s one of the few fat dissolving treatments that doesn’t cause surface irregularities like dips or flattening.

How many sessions should you have?

RF is not a quick-fix treatment – it takes at least 90 days to see the effects of newly formed collagen. To ‘bank’ the most collagen, you’ll need a course of treatments to notice a significant impact from this energy-based bio-stimulative treatment – six­ to 12 to be exact.

Can it be used by all skin types and tones?

All skin tones can take advantage of RF, however it’s best practice to be treated by someone who has experience working with your skin tone, especially if you have brown or Black skin. And as far as skin types goes, those with issues like broken capillaries, rosacea or active acne should probably steer clear, as this heat-based treatment can exacerbate inflammation.

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