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Alternatives to a Fox Eye lift for treating hooded eyes

If you feel uneasy about a thread lift, here's some tried and tested alternatives to safely address hooded eyes

Non surgical eye procedures are in focus right now as the Fox Eye lift, which involves placing threads under the skin to lift the eyes and/or edge of the brows, has hit the headlines following a number of celebrities and influencers taking their experience public with complaints including pain, scars and ‘butchered’ results.

Here at EV we know that the Fox Eye procedure can be performed safely with a successful outcome in the hands of a professional, highly qualified practitioner. But what are the alternative options when it comes to treating hooded eyes and the eye area itself?

EV Expert Dr Bhavjit Kaur, Medical Director and Founder of Tuhi Clinic and Health & Aesthetic Clinic, has a number of preferred options for hooded eyes: “I use PRP and the Sublative RF laser; toxin and fillers also help, and HIFU on the forehead can indirectly help.” Dr Kaur plans to use polypeptides in the near future.

At Skinfluencer London, one of the most popular treatments is The Eyes Have It – tried and tested by EV’s editorial team, in this hour-long treatment, a combination of energy-based platforms is used together with the much-revered Secret RF (a radio frequency-based treatment) to shrink and tighten the loose skin associated with hooded eyes, ultimately tightening and toning the eye contour area.

Through a prolonged and controlled heat delivery system, collagen production is stimulated in the dermis, while existing collagen is tightened. This results in loose skin in your orbital area being lifted, including heavy eyebrows. The undereye area can also appear smoother and more radiant. Usually only one treatment is needed and best of all, improvements continue over several weeks.
For a longer-lasting fix, the gold standard treatment is a Blepharoplasty, which involves trimming excess skin on the eyelids, thus improving their appearance.

Depending on your concerns, ethnicity and eye shape, the surgery will vary and may involve working on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or even the eyelid muscles to correct sagging, drooping, fluid and eye bags.

Blepharoplasty is currently the third leading cosmetic surgery procedure for women in the UK, and Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr Maryam Zamani has observed an increased interest in eye surgery within her London clinic.

“Now with video conferencing (coupled with a history of mask wearing), a lot of attention has become focused on the eyes and looking well rested. Patients complaining of droopy upper eyelid skin, dark circles and puffy lower eyelids are seeking treatments including blepharoplasty.”

Dr Zamani believes in a multifunctional treatment approach – she can combine upper eyelid blepharoplasty with an internal lateral Browpexy to lift the central and outer portion of the eyebrow. This opens up the eyes and achieves a global and natural-looking facial balance for a rested, youthful appearance. Blepharoplasty and Browpexy are administered through the same scar.

111 Harley St are also experts in this hour-long minor procedure, which involves a local anaesthetic and recovery time of between 3-5 weeks. You’ll see the final results in 6-12 months post treatment.

Also advocates of the two-pronged approach, 111 Harley St also offers a Canthopexy, an eye shaping procedure which helps gently tighten the outer corner of the eye, and alter the point where the upper and lower eyelids meet, in order to give a more taut, almond shape. Targeting the lower eyelid, it’s ideal for laxity, roundedness and bulging eyes.

"Often when it comes to eye surgeries, I believe that a combination approach produces the most effective results. This is why I can perform Blepharoplasty and Canthopexy together for ultimate rejuvenating outcomes,” says 111 Harley St’s Founder and Medical Director Dr Yannis.

Whether you're considering the Fox Eye lift or any other type of non surgical treatment, we highly recommend you speak to a qualified practitioner – consult our finder for one near you.

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