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5 of the best gravity-defying brow lift treatments

Take your eyebrows to a new dimension – try one of these effective brow lifts to correct anything from drooping eyelids to a sad or tired appearance

You’ve got the shape nailed but what about the actual position of your eyebrows? Brow aesthetics is becoming a thing, and we’re not talking about semi-permanent makeup or microblading, but cosmetic procedures that effectively open your eyes and pep up a sagging brow.

Gravity and ageing affects the brow area by causing the brows to move down – when you reach your 40s or 50s, you may notice a difference in the position of your eyebrows compared to where they used to be.

According to the Cranley Clinic, your brow should be positioned just above your orbital or eyebrow bone in a raised arch. When brows droop or sag, you may notice a few more lines across your forehead and some laxity on your upper eyelids too, as brows, forehead and upper eyelids are all connected.

A good practitioner can also reverse a tired, sad or angry appearance and improve the appearance of the forehead, as well as diffuse facial lines and creases.

Sound good? We’ve rounded up the five best brow treatments, all available via our talented EV Experts…

Fox Eyes Lift 

Want to get on board with the fox eyes beauty trend that’s taken celebrity culture by storm? This tweakment will give you coveted almond-shaped eyes with a naturally lifted brow tail. At Vie Aesthetics, the Fox Eyes Lift is a variation of the brow lift but uses a specific thread lift technique; the threads are inserted so as to lift the outer eye corners towards the temples, which elongates the eyes and opens up the eyelids. Results last around a year and can be as subtle or dramatic as required. 

Where to get it: Vie Aesthetics 

Brow Botox 

An uncomplicated option, the Chemical Brow Lift at Halcyon Aesthetics uses botulinum toxin to gently lift the outer half of the eyebrow, giving a refreshed result. Highly skilled Aesthetic Surgeon and EV Expert Dr Osman Bashir Tahir uses advanced techniques such as micro-Botox for a more natural, rested appearance. It’s quick, effective and there’s no downtime involved. 

Where to get it: Osman Bashir Tahir at Halcyon Aesthetics

Non-invasive brow lift

Looking to address a droopy brow and tighten skin at the same time? The Sofwave is a non-invasive treatment that improves the placement of your brows and reduces wrinkles with no downtime. It uses the latest ultrasound technology to tighten the skin, soften wrinkles and correct a droopy brow in just one session; in clinical studies, 88 per cent of patients were marked as ‘improved’ or ‘significantly improved’ after 12 weeks following one treatment. 

Where to get it: Davinia Halliday at Cranley Clinic

Thames Brow Lift 

Another practitioner using a bespoke approach is Dr Anna Hemming, who utilises the up lifting brow muscles to create a brow lift. By reducing the down-pulling muscles around the eye and frown area, the elevating muscles continue to lift the brow up; further lift can be created by replacing the fat which has been lost immediately above the brow. Placing dermal filler into this area the depression above the brow is elevated, opening up the brow area further. This can be combined with anti-wrinkle injections, Profhilo, radio frequency, HIFU and Plexr.

Where to get it: Dr Anna Hemming at Thames Skin 

Brow lift for men

If you’re a guy with a sagging brow or hooded eyelids, the non-surgical Brow Lift for Men at Vie Aesthetics could be for you. Designed to smooth out the skin and give the face a gentle lift, it instantly opens up the eyes and revitalises the appearance. The clinic uses a bespoke solution, and options include hyaluronic acid fillers, botulinum toxin injections, a thread lift or Endopeel which uses special injections to reposition soft tissues and increase muscle mass. 

Where to get it: Vie Aesthetics

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