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EV reviews… Evolve, new body contouring tech combining 3 treatments in 1

Why have one treatment when you can have three? We try out the future of bespoke body toning and contouring

Want to tone your bod without spending hours in the gym? Of course you do, which is why we think you should know about the new triple-threat treatment that tightens, trims and tones in one session.

From the same stable as Evoke which we recently wrote about, Evolve brings together multiple technologies, including radio frequency and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) to tighten skin, target body fat and tone muscles.

The hands-free, FDA-approved treatment features three elements: Tite for skin tightening, Trim for fat reduction via electroporation, and Tone for muscle sculpting.

Trim is possibly the hardest working of the elements, treating cellulite and fat via electroporation at the deepest layer. Six applicators with vacuums (which make strange sucking noises) deliver radio frequency while the vacuum draws fat into it, for deeper penetration of the radio waves. Unwanted fat is targeted and skin is tightened. Evolve can destroy 400cc of fat within 10 minutes, making it the most powerful, fast-acting, fat reducing technology in the world.

Tite tightens skin laxity, using radio frequency to shrink-wrap and remodel skin and improve its appearance. Up to eight handpieces target the subdermal layer of the skin for pain-free body shaping. The temperature is controlled by the practitioner who gradually increases it to around 42 degrees celsius – this does get quite warm at one point, but your body soon gets used to it and then it becomes rather relaxing.

Tone uses EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), via four hand pieces strapped to your body which stimulate involuntary muscle contractions to refine the appearance and strength of muscles. It feels like a minor vibration and can make you feel like you've done thousands of sit-ups without sweating it out in an exercise class. This has variable degrees of intensity and usually takes about 30 minutes. It's not as relaxing as the other elements – I found it strangely ticklish at times and could definitely feel my muscles contracting, but you can build up the intensity of the EMS as you get used to it.

When you’re undergoing the radio frequency element, the temperature doesn’t ever exceed 43 degrees celsius, so it feels warm-to-hot but comfortable – if for any reason you need a break, there is a ‘panic’ button which allows you to be in control and pause the treatment.  

Evolve Tone at workI tried Evolve on my stomach with practitioner Izabela at Dr David Jack Clinic in London, and while I didn’t quite know what to expect, I was impressed by – with the exception of the Tone element – how fuss free and even relaxing it was. It’s also easy to fit into your day as you can go straight back to work (or play) afterwards, with no after effects or downtime whatsoever.

There may be a little warmth and redness which soon subsides; you may also feel a bit sore as if you have just done a workout.

You’ll need between four and six sessions to see results – this could be pricey depending on where you are being treated. However, if you have the budget and want to see tangible body contouring results, it could be worth investing in.

Who does the treatment best suit?

Dubbed the 'lunchtime lift’, Evolve works on arms, abdomen, buttocks and thighs as well as stubborn back fat: as long as there is muscle to stimulate, the area can be treated. It is not a replacement for diet and exercise but can be used alongside a healthy lifestyle.

How many sessions are required?

It’s recommended to have 4-6 weekly sessions (treatment time is around 90 minutes) depending on your area of concern. Should you not need all three steps, you can choose one only – for example Tone – but they are normally combined for optimal results.

When do I see results?

You’ll begin to feel changes after the treatment itself; usually patients report positive results two to four weeks after the last treatment, with the results improving for several weeks after. Bear in mind that skin tightening treatment usually takes 3-6 months to show final results.

How much does it cost?

Depending on location, sessions cost from around £650.

What do I need to do after the treatment?

There is no downtime or aftercare involved, so you are free to carry on as normal; however it is recommended that you don’t do any exercise for 24 hours after the treatment.

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