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4 pre waxing tips you should follow

This is how you should prep your skin and body hair pre waxing if you want the best hair removal results

 Now that summer has well and truly hit, we’ve been googling waxing do’s and don’ts in droves. In fact"how to prepare for a bikini wax", is the UK’s most googled summer beauty query, showing a massive + 4,400 per cent increase in searches*. So, to answer that question and all things pre waxing prep read on…

Length is important

There is a goldilocks hair length when it comes to waxing. Too short and the wax won’t grab on to your hairs very well, too long and it may well break the hair rather than pulling it out completely. The ideal length is roughly 0.5cm, which takes around two weeks to grow, post hair removal. Make sure your hairs will be at the optimum length when you choose a date for your waxing appointment, and if you haven’t practised any form of hair removal in a while then be sure to trim your hairs down to 0.5cm before your appointment.

Smooth skin is key

Regular exfoliation should be part of your weekly beauty regime. Why? Because it helps keep pores clear, and skin smooth and radiant. When it comes to waxing, exfoliating is key as it stops dead skin building up over hair follicles and causing ingrown hairs, and helps ‘free’ any ingrown hairs you do have so the wax can adhere to all your hairs for super smooth results.

Press pause 

Prescription medicine targeted at the skin can cause sensitivity that can make waxing a little precarious. If you’re taking an acne treatment like oral prescription medication Accutane, then waxing any part of the body is not advised, while waxing areas where topical acne treatments are being used is also a no-no. And it’s not just prescription treatments: even retinoids and hydroxy acids can leave the skin sensitised and thin, and cause what looks like a burn but is actually skin that has been ripped off when waxing is performed. It’s best to pause retinoid and exfoliating acid use five to seven days pre wax, and resume 24 hours post wax.

Keep dry

Be sure to arrive at your waxing appointment clean and dry. Skin should be dried adequately with a towel as wax doesn’t stick when skin is damp. Plus, for those with dry parched skin, keep it that way and refrain from using an oil-based cleanser or moisturiser on any areas that are going to be waxed. This is because if your skin is oily it can stop the wax from really ‘gripping’ to your hairs and make the process a lot more difficult and time consuming.

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