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5 of the best at home skin rejuvenating devices

These nifty home gadgets will rejuvenate and perfect your skin, whether you want to de-puff, zap veins or reduce unwanted hair

According to market research data, skin rejuvenation is the fastest growing category in the beauty devices market, with light therapy shown to be the most popular type of at-home technology.

In this market, skin rejuvenation is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period (2021–2030). This can be mainly ascribed to the growing awareness and focus of consumers on overall skin health, which is why they are adopting these devices for treating blemishes, pigmentation, wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, and fine lines.

The report also reveals the pivotal role an ageing population plays in the growth of the home-use beauty devices market – gadgets which help revitalise and tighten skin are being used in large numbers to treat such problems.

From zapping unwanted hair and veins to de-puffing skin, we rate the following user-friendly devices for their effectiveness...

Bondi@home Laser

Ideal for those suffering with excess facial (or body) hair – even when caused by PCOS or hormonal changes – this dual action, permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation device isn’t just good to look at, it also packs a major punch. Featuring an IPL laser, it’s not only the most powerful on the market, but also has a skin rejuvenation function which works to reduce pigmentation and sun spots, broken capillaries, rosacea and problematic skin. Depending on the area you’re treating, you should see results in just five weeks/sessions.

SwearBy Skin LookLit LED Mask

Suitable for all skin types, this wireless 3-in-1 LED light mask is clinically proven to treat skin issues from breakouts and redness to hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Simply slip the mask on like sunglasses, then choose your colour setting: anti-ageing Red, anti-acne Blue or anti-pigmentation Yellow. Simply relax for 10 minutes; the mask will then switch off automatically.

SKN Rehab Facial Ice Globes

They may be low-tech but you’ll still find the results impressive – SKN Facial Ice Globes are ideal for achieving that coveted ‘glass’ skin look. A twist on traditional techniques such as putting cold spoons or cucumber slices on your eyes to minimise puffiness, they also soothe skin post-treatment, boost lymphatic drainage and circulation, reduce redness and minimise pores. Try them in combination with sheet masks, serums and moisturisers for a spa-like treatment. Gently glide over skin for 5-15 minutes – up to lift and downwards to de-puff.

Foreo BEAR Mini Facial Toning Device 

Boasting reviews as glowing as your skin is going to be, this nifty gadget is a good entry level device for those looking for at-home complexion rejuvenation. Using five intensities of microcurrent technology and T-Sonic pulsations to help lift, tone and re-contour, it also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, promoting a smoother, firmer and more youthful-looking appearance. As well as being suitable for all skin types and ages, it is also able to measure your skin’s resistance to electricity, adjusting the microcurrents within your chosen intensity.

TriPollar STOP CLASSIC Facial Skin Renewal Device

If you’re looking for an at-home device to maintain the results of your in-clinic treatments, this stylish looking device uses tried and trusted radio frequency technology to rebuild collagen and elastin, tighten and firm skin and smooth out wrinkles. Just like professional RF treatments, there’s no pain or needles only warmth, while treatment time is just 20 minutes. Use 2-3 times a week to see visible results in just eight weeks.

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